Noreen Kidwai Boys Collection

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_03A personal passion for style inspires the launch of a clothing collection for baby boys.

When it comes to making an impression, Noreen Kidwai loves to put her best foot forward, especially with what she wears. She also considers herself a style-obsessed mom. “My passion for fashion extends to my little Baby Z as well,” she writes on her blog. “After all, he’s a reflection of me in many ways and I can’t help but don some trendy clothes on him to bring his personality to life. Picking the best outfit for him is a pure sport.”

In a bold, chic début collection, Noreen has gone one step further, creating the limited-edition Noreen Kidwai line of clothing for baby boys under two years.

Made in the USA. The exclusive collection offers sophisticated, effortless pieces, made of the finest fabrics and produced locally in the USA.

Something bold, chic and sophisticated to express their style. Because let’s face it, boys have a personality, too! And for me, style is about expressing yourself.

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_01Noreen is a working mom, wife, designer and full-time advocate of expressing life through style. Her goal is to help other women stay true to their lifestyle with young kids, “since our children are a reflection of who we are,” she says. Noreen’s innate sense of style gave birth to a fun clothing collection that makes a fabulous first impression for little boys, all lovingly made using the finest of Italian wool as well as European and locally-sourced fabrics.

The full collection is available online at

Clever Relish

Solving life’s parenting problems with panache.

101513_CleverRelish_jillThrough partnership with the undiscovered genius of parents across America, we will deliver smart products that dress up your life while empowering the growth of strong families.

The CleverRelish™ company is the brainchild of Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, lifelong tinkerer and clever Mom of four children –which means Jill has endured nearly six straight years of diaper changes looking at that same ugly plastic baby wipes tub with every change.

Total inspiration for improvement, don’t you think?

101513_CleverRelish_WipesWrapsPatent Pending, Made in the USA. One day Jill realized, why can’t baby wipes tubs simply become part of the décor?! And with this “aha” moment, she started development on her first CleverRelish product, a simple, elegant solution to add style to your life.

101513_CleverRelish_01As the world’s first interchangeable decorative cover available, WipesWraps™ by CleverRelish™ transform unsightly baby wipe tubs into pretty room accessories, an inventive, quick-fix that stretches on to dress up any environment.

Massachusetts-based CleverRelish recently shipped 2,500 units of WipesWraps exceeding its initial goal –and for a small, privately-owned and entrepreneurial business, this is a fantastic accomplishment!

“The commitment to our mission of building this business and innovating new products is unwavering,” Jill says. “As a mother and business woman, I understand our customers, which shows in the design of our flagship product line that has people desiring the unexpected and purchasing products that have the ability to turn something boring into something fun.”

101513_CleverRelish_02Celebrity Fave. Hollywood Moms from Jennifer Garner to Kate Hudson rave about their new fave accessory, and with more than 4,000 social media followers, the company is receiving accolades from customers -and media- around the world.

Have a Clever Idea of your own? “CleverRelish prides itself on being an advocate for entrepreneurs thinking outside the box and strong women everywhere taking risks to make a difference for themselves, their families and the world around them,” Jill says. “We vow to support other small and local businesses, advocate for their success and recognize their brilliance and ingenious efforts, which provide inspiration and motivation to the growth and perseverance of CleverRelish every day.”

If you’re a clever inventor with a cool idea for kids or the home, tell Jill about it by emailing

Merle & Velma

Shut the front door! This is the Best. Blanket. Ever.”

– Amber, happy customer

100113_merleandvelma_02A fresh look for classic, American-made, personalized keepsakes.

Merle and Velma are two very special ladies.

They’re the kind of women who could get more done before noon, and then some … who could light up a room with just a smile, who made dolls and hearty wholesome meals by hand –and made their families feel a certain warm and fuzzy, called trademarked grandma love.

100113_merleandvelma_04These ladies inspired wife, mother, artist and entrepreneur Michelle to start a business named in their honor: Merle & Velma. Together with her mother-in-law Holly, she puts a modern twist on the traditional keepsakes her grandmothers Merle and Velma loved to create for family and friends, personalized for pleasure.

We’d like to think Merle & Velma would be proud to show off our keepsakes to the ladies in their sewing circle. We hope you will, too.

100113_merleandvelma_03Made in the USA.  Merle & Velma keepsake blankets, pillows and t-shirts that are made with 100% organic fabric, printed with non-toxic water based dyes and Made in the USA, with love.

Beautiful Birth Stories. Michelle’s graphic, modern designs tell the bold, beautiful birth stories of your own children, grandchildren or that special kid in your life. And Michelle is planning to add more birth story designs, as well as a line for weddings, engagements and housewarmings.

100113_merleandvelma_05Yep, Merle & Velma would be proud, indeed!


Fashionable, functional carryalls for Moms and Dads who “need it all.” 

092413_TWELVElittle_01Launched in June, TWELVElittle is (might I say lovely-named) a New York-based company that makes baby bags, diaper clutches, accessories, designed with style and engineered with practicality.

Made of high quality, water resistant fabrics and supple leather, TWELVElittle bags not only make it super easy to call any baby essential, they transform into the most fashionable accessory for any Mom or Dad, after baby grows up.

Our TWELVElittle baby bags are precisely made to assist every parent at the right moment, and capture every experience with ease and grace.

092413_TWELVElittle_IllustrationCarry Your Inner Animal. According to the Asian zodiac, I was born in the year of the Rooster. “Roosters are good at listening and keeping promises. By being natural observers, they are knowledgeable and resourceful,” it tells me on the company’s 12 LITTLE WONDERS web page, where each wonder -an animal that represents the year each child is born- is explained and illustrated by Catherine Min. Catherine’s illustrations evolved into the 12 LITTLE WONDERS dangles, “perfect little reminders of how special every child is.” The leather dangles can be used as keychains or personal identity jewels. I love these!

092413_TWELVElittle_03Bonding Over Baby Bags. Julia Min and her friend Jenny first met at Rhode Island School of Design while both studied for their BFA in Industrial Design. Each chose a fashion career designing handbags –and it was the search for the perfect baby bag that brought them together again to launch TWELVElittle. Juila is inspired by her son Noah and daughter Noelle, and Jenny is a world traveler and animal lover –one reason why TWELVElittle bags are so handy while on a trip to anywhere-land! Great job, ladies!


Soft and cuddly, these pacifiers are just the right size for little hands to grasp and hold.

091813_Wubbanub_PinkKittenMissing Pacifier Syndrome. A few years ago, new Mom Carla Schneider was hoping to enjoy her first vacation with her baby –and eventually, she did … after she found a way to soothe her little one’s non-stop fussing and crying. Crafty Carla put the hotel’s complimentary sewing kit to good use, attaching her baby’s favorite plush toy to a pacifier –and that’s what it took! Not only did she solve the “missing pacifier syndrome,” she created what is now known as The Original Plush Pacifier!

091813_Wubbanub_BabyGiraffeAward Winner. A Creative Child Top Choice Award winner in 2011, 2012 and 2013, WubbaNub pacifiers are not only loved by babies and their parents, but by celebrity moms, too. Available in children’s shops and online, distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide, WubbaNub also won a National Parenting Seal of Approval Award in 2012.

Patented Design. Innovative Improvement. Made with a Soothie™ medical grade, Latex-free pacifier, WubbaNubs are BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free and the durable one-piece construction won’t let germs hide in any nooks or crannies.

WubbaNub has created a reputation in the parenting and children’s industry for being dedicated to nurturing babies in the safest, healthiest way possible.

091813_Wubbanub_YellowDuckCarla’s patented design  is just the right weight and size, making it super easy for baby keep near the mouth. The plush animal not only helps, but adds a little comfort for baby and makes it easy for parents to find it in the car seat, baby sling, carrier, stroller or diaper bag!

Plus, they’re adorable! I do wish Carla would make a little goat version, though!

Que Cute Hair Accessories

Celebrities love ’em. Moms are crazy for ’em. And kids just want to wear ’em.

082213_QueCute_owlsHand Sparkled in the Beautiful USA!

The folks at California-based Que Cute have been fashioning high quality, super fun  hair accessories for more than 10 years.

Known for outstanding customer service and fantastic prices, many Que Cute headbands, hair clips, stretch bands and ponytail holders are adorned with Swarovski crystals, grosgrain ribbon, felt animals and other adorable details that let any girl -daughters, sisters, Moms and every girl in-between- have a sparkly day! Fun, age-appropriate and fashionable hairdos will make everyone sit up and take notice.

We go the extra mile to ensure that you aren’t only getting an exquisite looking product, but one that will be practical, multifunctional and -what is more important- it will stand the test of time!

082213_QueCute_logoFound in specialty boutiques and high-end retailers, the new online store,, is designed for browsing in a safe and secure environment. Custom orders, too. New bling is added every day, so shop often!

My Child’s ID app

A parent’s proactive approach to being prepared.

Imagine … not being able to find your child. In that moment of panic, would you be able to describe to authorities what your child looks like?

Could you list your loved one’s daily medications in an instant?

Can your loved one’s caregivers assist in a crisis?

081513_MyChildsIDMy Child’s ID can help.

This new app from Peanut Butter and Jelly Partners developers stores all the pertinent information on your child or loved one -with up to four photos to help with visual identification in case of emergency.

Great app not only for your children’s safety but great for elderly parents and even pet information. I love it! Good job!

-Sharri B

Simply fill in all information in one location on your smart phone or tablet. The app stores all medical alerts, vaccinations, etc. as well as physical descriptions, physical marking and contact info for parents and caregivers. My Child’s I.D. also lists important actions to take immediately if your child or loved one is missing, and has the ability to share it with others via email.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Optimized for iPhone 5.