My Baby’s Keeper

Best in adorable organic baby bodysuits that also function as baby’s toy, teether and pacifier keeper!

Celebrity Baby Trends

The My Baby’s Keeper bodysuits are 100% organic cotton patented baby apparel (NO. US D737,024) available in three-, six-, nine- and 12-month sizing. The most unique thing about My Baby’s Keeper? Baby stuff can be securely attached to the clothes! That’s right – each bodysuit has an attachable BPA-free ring to keep belongings safe and clean.


In the summer of 2013, sisters Tracey and Jaclyn started their children’s company, Happy Baby, LLC, to develop this bodysuit line that is cute, fashionable and most importantly, practical. As Moms themselves, they were repeatedly bending, picking up and washing off their children’s belongings that accidentally fall on the floor or are intentionally thrown down there by their babies. My Baby’s Keeper lets parents and caregivers attach toys, pacifiers and teethers directly to baby’s clothing, enabling baby to play with their belongings without parents worrying about sanitizing them when they have fallen to the ground.


Additionally, My Baby’s Keeper may help babies develop hand-eye coordination and learn to grasp objects – when they see those attached things and attempt to reach for them over and over again. All of this learning can help babies to play.

Both fashionable and functional, babies can wear My Baby’s Keeper bodysuits even when baby’s belongings are not attached, since the feature is simply part of the design.


Northeast Home to My Baby’s Keeper

The northeast United States has been Tracey and Jaclyn’s home their entire lives and now is the home of their new business. Jaclyn’s son Nathaniel is the original tester of My Baby’s Keeper bodysuits, while she brought their vision to life with her creative sewing and design skills. Tracey is the mother of three children and is the innovator of My Baby’s Keeper. Together, they are designing clothing that provides both stimulation for baby and peace of mind for parents.

Noreen Kidwai Boys Collection

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_03A personal passion for style inspires the launch of a clothing collection for baby boys.

When it comes to making an impression, Noreen Kidwai loves to put her best foot forward, especially with what she wears. She also considers herself a style-obsessed mom. “My passion for fashion extends to my little Baby Z as well,” she writes on her blog. “After all, he’s a reflection of me in many ways and I can’t help but don some trendy clothes on him to bring his personality to life. Picking the best outfit for him is a pure sport.”

In a bold, chic début collection, Noreen has gone one step further, creating the limited-edition Noreen Kidwai line of clothing for baby boys under two years.

Made in the USA. The exclusive collection offers sophisticated, effortless pieces, made of the finest fabrics and produced locally in the USA.

Something bold, chic and sophisticated to express their style. Because let’s face it, boys have a personality, too! And for me, style is about expressing yourself.

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_01Noreen is a working mom, wife, designer and full-time advocate of expressing life through style. Her goal is to help other women stay true to their lifestyle with young kids, “since our children are a reflection of who we are,” she says. Noreen’s innate sense of style gave birth to a fun clothing collection that makes a fabulous first impression for little boys, all lovingly made using the finest of Italian wool as well as European and locally-sourced fabrics.

The full collection is available online at