Talking Tips for Kids

071013_TalkingTipsForKids_FionaBarry_02Where babbling babies become talented talkers.

Speech and Language Therapist Fiona Barry develops effective strategies for you to use every day to boost your child’s speech, language and communication skills. Fiona writes and presents her findings in a series of videos available at, a nifty website where parents can help their children thrive in the nursery, in school, on the playground -and later in the workplace- by becoming happy, confident, chatty children.

Good talking and listening skills are the key to your child succeeding in life … Parents are the key to unlocking their child’s talking talents, and it’s never too early or late to start!

TalkingTipsForKids videos are packed full of useful tips to boost a child’s communication skills. Designed to fit seamlessly into a parent’s everyday routines at home, the advice is based on research and evidence from current clinical practice.

071013_TalkingTipsForKids_LogoA Speech and Language Therapist since 2004, Fiona received a BA Honours in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of Kent, Canterbury and a Master of Science degree in Speech and Language Sciences from University College London. “I also have two boys of my own,” she says, “who have given me the best insight into how children learn to perform what I think is the greatest magic trick of all time – how to turn ideas and feelings into words and sentences!”

Fiona says children who have a good foundation in talking and listening skills are more likely to grow up to make friends easily, do well at school, stay out of trouble with the law and thrive in the workplace.

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