Noreen Kidwai Boys Collection

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_03A personal passion for style inspires the launch of a clothing collection for baby boys.

When it comes to making an impression, Noreen Kidwai loves to put her best foot forward, especially with what she wears. She also considers herself a style-obsessed mom. “My passion for fashion extends to my little Baby Z as well,” she writes on her blog. “After all, he’s a reflection of me in many ways and I can’t help but don some trendy clothes on him to bring his personality to life. Picking the best outfit for him is a pure sport.”

In a bold, chic début collection, Noreen has gone one step further, creating the limited-edition Noreen Kidwai line of clothing for baby boys under two years.

Made in the USA. The exclusive collection offers sophisticated, effortless pieces, made of the finest fabrics and produced locally in the USA.

Something bold, chic and sophisticated to express their style. Because let’s face it, boys have a personality, too! And for me, style is about expressing yourself.

030414_CRTPost_noreenkidwai_01Noreen is a working mom, wife, designer and full-time advocate of expressing life through style. Her goal is to help other women stay true to their lifestyle with young kids, “since our children are a reflection of who we are,” she says. Noreen’s innate sense of style gave birth to a fun clothing collection that makes a fabulous first impression for little boys, all lovingly made using the finest of Italian wool as well as European and locally-sourced fabrics.

The full collection is available online at

Bobinette – It’s All About Boys

A little cosmopolitan style -with a French touch- especially for boys.


Lorraine Le Tac has been around the world. From Paris to Portland, with Vegas in between (yes, Vegas!) she has soaked up the eclectic vibes of urban destinations, letting them inspire her to design fresh and versatile fashion for boys.

In fact, Bobinette is all about boys –and their clothes- shirts, tees, shorts, pants, jackets and accessories from 6m to size 10.

Made in the USA. Mom to her own two boys Spencer and Matisse, Lorraine has settled in Brooklyn, where Bobinette is based. All Bobinette garments are Made in the USA, and Lorraine’s girls line, Ses Petite Mains, is made in San Francisco.

Bring style and color to all the little boys around the globe!

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