Merle & Velma

Shut the front door! This is the Best. Blanket. Ever.”

– Amber, happy customer

100113_merleandvelma_02A fresh look for classic, American-made, personalized keepsakes.

Merle and Velma are two very special ladies.

They’re the kind of women who could get more done before noon, and then some … who could light up a room with just a smile, who made dolls and hearty wholesome meals by hand –and made their families feel a certain warm and fuzzy, called trademarked grandma love.

100113_merleandvelma_04These ladies inspired wife, mother, artist and entrepreneur Michelle to start a business named in their honor: Merle & Velma. Together with her mother-in-law Holly, she puts a modern twist on the traditional keepsakes her grandmothers Merle and Velma loved to create for family and friends, personalized for pleasure.

We’d like to think Merle & Velma would be proud to show off our keepsakes to the ladies in their sewing circle. We hope you will, too.

100113_merleandvelma_03Made in the USA.  Merle & Velma keepsake blankets, pillows and t-shirts that are made with 100% organic fabric, printed with non-toxic water based dyes and Made in the USA, with love.

Beautiful Birth Stories. Michelle’s graphic, modern designs tell the bold, beautiful birth stories of your own children, grandchildren or that special kid in your life. And Michelle is planning to add more birth story designs, as well as a line for weddings, engagements and housewarmings.

100113_merleandvelma_05Yep, Merle & Velma would be proud, indeed!

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