Fashionable, functional carryalls for Moms and Dads who “need it all.” 

092413_TWELVElittle_01Launched in June, TWELVElittle is (might I say lovely-named) a New York-based company that makes baby bags, diaper clutches, accessories, designed with style and engineered with practicality.

Made of high quality, water resistant fabrics and supple leather, TWELVElittle bags not only make it super easy to call any baby essential, they transform into the most fashionable accessory for any Mom or Dad, after baby grows up.

Our TWELVElittle baby bags are precisely made to assist every parent at the right moment, and capture every experience with ease and grace.

092413_TWELVElittle_IllustrationCarry Your Inner Animal. According to the Asian zodiac, I was born in the year of the Rooster. “Roosters are good at listening and keeping promises. By being natural observers, they are knowledgeable and resourceful,” it tells me on the company’s 12 LITTLE WONDERS web page, where each wonder -an animal that represents the year each child is born- is explained and illustrated by Catherine Min. Catherine’s illustrations evolved into the 12 LITTLE WONDERS dangles, “perfect little reminders of how special every child is.” The leather dangles can be used as keychains or personal identity jewels. I love these!

092413_TWELVElittle_03Bonding Over Baby Bags. Julia Min and her friend Jenny first met at Rhode Island School of Design while both studied for their BFA in Industrial Design. Each chose a fashion career designing handbags –and it was the search for the perfect baby bag that brought them together again to launch TWELVElittle. Juila is inspired by her son Noah and daughter Noelle, and Jenny is a world traveler and animal lover –one reason why TWELVElittle bags are so handy while on a trip to anywhere-land! Great job, ladies!

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