Hugs & Kisses


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful article … you have reignited my determination to bring my alphabet to more people! …Your article is so thorough and interesting to read (even for me!), I really appreciate your time and obvious expertise! Many thanks!

-Úna McCarthy-Fakhry, The Little Linguist’s Alphabet by LoveYourLingo

Thank you so much for the wonderful article on my line. I appreciate your interest and support.

-Linda Brown, Love Linda

Janet Muniz is someone I truly appreciate working with. My clients and I look forward to her published brand reviews and industry news. Janet’s work is well-written and her layout is clean. A job well done! 

-Rachel Florio-Urso, Celebrity Baby Trend Expert

Your style is captivating and inspiring. We are all so excited about being reconnected with you and having an opportunity to be featured in your compelling Children’s Retail Today! Thank you so much for this special opportunity to work with you – your WEE ONES story is stellar!  

-Ann Higby, Hatch PR

We love your style!


Children’s Retail Today looks very fresh and clean. And your products seem carefully selected.

-Daniela Viola, Makovsky + Co. NYC

Thank you, Janet, for your detailed and lovely comments on our craft. You have an interesting site.

-Isabel Garreton Inc.

Thank you for the great exposure, everyone is thrilled here. The link has been Facebooked, tweeted, pinned and added to our press images online! I enjoy looking at Children’s Retail Today –it’s very informative and well written. 

 -Sandra Sullivan, Jefferies Socks

Janet, thank you for the wonderful write-up on TrayKit® and TrayKit® Traveller … as usual :)

-Daniela Vitali, DV REPS

Casual, Comfortable Native Shoes – It’s a great article!

-Kelsey Comstock, Turner PR

Thanks so much! I love the article. I can’t wait for more people to experience The Spirit of Mermaids :)

-Ashley Gillies, designer

Thank you so much for all your coverage of the Klippie Klub. We appreciate it!

-Michelle Ruesch, Itzy Bitzy Designs

The article looks fabulous and we have received excellent feedback from customers and our sales reps who have seen it. We truly appreciate this and look forward to working closely with you this year!

-Mireya Villarreal & Paolo Aristodemo, Pink Pewter

Wow! What an amazing article on our company. I can’t imagine asking for anything more. I especially appreciate how you wove together our business philosophy with our current offerings and retailer feedback. Once again, you’ve given me a great gift.

-Jonathan Domsky, Kidorable

Janet is a wonderful writer! Although we work virtually, it seems as if we share the same office. Each project she gives me to design includes very clear notes, to make my work very easy. It is an honor to work with her.

-Patricia Anaya, Eti-k Design

I strongly recommend Janet and her work to anyone who seeks a solid, creative and dependable partner in their endeavor.

-Margaret Mobius, co-publisher HUDSON’S 

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