Clever Relish

Solving life’s parenting problems with panache.

101513_CleverRelish_jillThrough partnership with the undiscovered genius of parents across America, we will deliver smart products that dress up your life while empowering the growth of strong families.

The CleverRelish™ company is the brainchild of Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, lifelong tinkerer and clever Mom of four children –which means Jill has endured nearly six straight years of diaper changes looking at that same ugly plastic baby wipes tub with every change.

Total inspiration for improvement, don’t you think?

101513_CleverRelish_WipesWrapsPatent Pending, Made in the USA. One day Jill realized, why can’t baby wipes tubs simply become part of the décor?! And with this “aha” moment, she started development on her first CleverRelish product, a simple, elegant solution to add style to your life.

101513_CleverRelish_01As the world’s first interchangeable decorative cover available, WipesWraps™ by CleverRelish™ transform unsightly baby wipe tubs into pretty room accessories, an inventive, quick-fix that stretches on to dress up any environment.

Massachusetts-based CleverRelish recently shipped 2,500 units of WipesWraps exceeding its initial goal –and for a small, privately-owned and entrepreneurial business, this is a fantastic accomplishment!

“The commitment to our mission of building this business and innovating new products is unwavering,” Jill says. “As a mother and business woman, I understand our customers, which shows in the design of our flagship product line that has people desiring the unexpected and purchasing products that have the ability to turn something boring into something fun.”

101513_CleverRelish_02Celebrity Fave. Hollywood Moms from Jennifer Garner to Kate Hudson rave about their new fave accessory, and with more than 4,000 social media followers, the company is receiving accolades from customers -and media- around the world.

Have a Clever Idea of your own? “CleverRelish prides itself on being an advocate for entrepreneurs thinking outside the box and strong women everywhere taking risks to make a difference for themselves, their families and the world around them,” Jill says. “We vow to support other small and local businesses, advocate for their success and recognize their brilliance and ingenious efforts, which provide inspiration and motivation to the growth and perseverance of CleverRelish every day.”

If you’re a clever inventor with a cool idea for kids or the home, tell Jill about it by emailing

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