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Pink Pewter Purseline Collection

The popular accessories brand just launched a new line of stunning handbags due for delivery in May.


Pink Pewter, the brand synonymous with high-fashion accessories that are fun, edgy and favorites of fashion-savvy girls and women all over creation, has just launched a new, gorgeous couture collection of handbags! Trendy as ever- beautifully jeweled clutches suitable for a range of looks, from runway elegance to casual nights out with your friends … each piece also complements Pink Pewter’s signature design and style.

012314_PinkPewter_02Retailers and BuyersHandbags can only be purchased by phone (888-214-5678) or by contacting your sales rep.( Visit Pink Pewter at upcoming markets at the Dallas Market Center, International Gift Show, Atlanta Apparel, Stylemax, and ATS.

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It’s Love at First Sight – Pink Pewter

Pink Pewter’s newest collection -It’s Love at First Sight- includes new stretch bands, bracelets and jewelry.

Four years ago, hair stylist Mireya Villarreal decides to start a company that makes hair accessories from her own creative point of view, to complement a variety of haircuts and personalities. “We struggled to think of a business name for weeks and weeks,” she tells me, adding that the word ‘pink’ had to be part of it. “We must have gone through 10 sheets of paper writing down ideas. During this process, my daughter  -about six years old at the time- kept coming into the room asking if she could use the computer, pronouncing it ‘pewter.'” So, there it is -the aha moment that inspires the name Pink Pewter.

Today, Mireya designs beautiful hair accessories and more. The company’s newest collection -It’s Love at First Sight- includes new stretch bands, bracelets and jewelry. “We provide high style without the high price,” designing wearable things for children “without losing sight of the timelessness and innocence that makes children’s fashion unforgettable.” The new scarf collection for fall can be worn in so many ways that the wearer can personalize the look based on their own style. “It screams ‘Pink Pewter,'” Mireya says. “We only stand behind a design that we truly believe in and aligns with our consumer base perfectly.”

Celebrity Driven and Loving It. Knowing who the fans are is something the company works passionately on, staying on top of the latest fashion trends and fleshing out the Pink Pewter persona as youthful and invigorated. Pink Pewter is known as a celebrity driven brand, frequently participating in event sponsorship and charity red carpet events. “We go to the events ourselves and interact with the stars and their fans on a personal level,” Mireya explains. “People relate to celebrities and align themselves with the values of their favorite role models, which drives credibility to our brand.”

Our brand is expanding into accessories such as belts, scarves, bracelets and jewelry to complete the experience. The key is to have each item complement the other -accessorize an accessory if you will.

Coming Soon. Look for a new tween/teen apparel line that includes trendy shirts and contemporary dresses!

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