Li’l Trunks

Pack your bags! We’re going to our happy place.  

Each season, Li’l Trunks offers a wardrobe of bright, bold options. The juicy colors and joyful patterns are designed to transport you to your happy place. You may remember it -you lived there when you were young.


“All it takes is the sound of your child’s laughter, and you’re tumbling through time and space. I love that feeling. It’s like an instant holiday,” says Sush Utpala, founder of this Indian-inspired baby and children’s clothing line that features vibrant floral prints with exotic flowers such as lotus, hibiscus and dahlias on rompers, empire-waisted knit dresses and more.


Sush says Li’l Trunks is an expression of her own happy place. “It’s inhabited by the sights and sounds of India, where I grew up,” she says. “These bits of home now mix and mingle with my adventures since then, living and traveling around the world. Together they swoosh around like a kaleidoscope, creating exciting patterns, delightful combinations and endless smiles. Then they find their home in the collection.”


Created as a way for Sush to express her two worlds -her love for learning about new places and cultures and her experiences as a new mom- the simple silhouettes and contemporary prints help make Li’l Trunks both timeless and current, east and west.


I’d also add luscious and beautiful!

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