The Crescent Womb

A new and innovative solution for promoting the healthy growth and physical development of newborns the way nature intends.

The Crescent Womb Infant Safety Bed is a hammock made of mesh that attaches to a baby’s crib. When a parent places their newborn in the center of the “womb,” the baby can curl up in the fetal position, suspended in the soft and subtle air.

Inventor James Spencer says it’s the closest thing to the child sleeping in their mother’s arms.


“Just as a baby grows in a mother’s womb, the idea began its infancy in my head,” James says. “By designing an infant sleeper that removes avoidable risks associated with early infancy, I slept easier as a new father, (knowing) my beautiful daughter is sleeping safely. This idea became a mission to help not only my Stella thrive, but to also help every other beautiful new life thrive.”

The Crescent Womb is destined to help both babies and their parents sleep more soundly, particularly during the first months of sleepless nights. The safety bed is ideal for infants up to around six months, or when they begin to sit up unassisted, roll over and start to crawl.


Recent research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics finds 91% of the newborns in the study “had loose or non-approved items in the bed with them;” 21% were placed on “non-recommended” sleep surfaces and 14% weren’t put to sleep on their backs in sleep environments “with established risk factors for sleep-related infant deaths.” It is estimated that 3,500 cases of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death occur in the U.S. each year, and half are cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, according to the Center for Disease Control. Twenty-five percent of the sudden unexpected deaths are caused by accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed.

After consulting with moms and medical professionals, James worked on his prototype for nearly two years before he revealed the Crescent Womb, which has been tested to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. James’ Crescent Womb Kickstarter campaign surpassed its $30,000 goal recently, raising over $100,000.

“I wanted to help a new generation get a head start. More importantly I hoped that Crescent Womb could be the catalyst to a more intimate, natural, and safe approach to early childcare.

I hope this product can bring a sense of relief to all new parents, just like it did for me, and help their little ones thrive, just like it did for Stella.”

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