Nuvola Baby

Making the world a softer place.

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_03Newly launched and now available in the United States, Novola Baby is a collection of Scandinavian-inspired baby blankets, outfits and accessories. From organic cotton to cashmere blends, the world’s softest fabrics are hand-picked for the collection, all gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Completely sourced and manufactured in Europe, Nuvola Baby launched earlier this year with the Cloud Collection -luxe cashmere blend blankets, pillows and outfits featuring multi-hued clouds.

Nuvola Baby is designed in Luxembourg + Iceland. The designers work with renowned manufacturers in Italy and Portugal to ensure each piece is heirloom-quality. With a vibrant color palette of tangerine, grey, chocolate, red and turquoise lighting up classic star, cloud and snowflake prints, Nuvola Baby’s styles offer year-round softness.

Our pieces are made to last. Pass them down.

– co-designer Runa, who is inspired by her homeland, Iceland

121714_CRTPost_NuvolaBaby_02In an effort to give back, Nuvola Baby is involved with the Cloud of Love Project, helping support orphanages with the sale of rotating select styles at

Experience Nuvola Baby’s softness for yourself at Playtime Paris from January 31 to February 2 and at ENK Children’s Club from March 9 to 11 in 2015!

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