Knot Genie Detangling Brush

This hairbrush detangles knotty hair without pain.

Found in 4,000 salons and boutiques worldwide, Knot Genie is designed to help kids brush their hair without pain or breakage. The flexible bristles simply glide through hair – making life easier for everyone –girls, boys and parents, too.

Rikki Mor endured years of hair-brushing battles every morning when her three daughters refused to brush their hair. So she invented a hairbrush with different lengths of teeth that bend when brushing, to gently untangle the hair. What’s more, Knot Genie’s unique cloud-shaped top fits into the palm of a hand –like it is made that way, whether you’re right or left handed. This is one tough yet gentle grooming tool!

121014_CRTPost_KnotGenie_04The Knot Genie folks tell me they’ve gained a rather cult-like following among Moms, that’s reaching teens and tweens, too. They say, “People are finally realizing that not just any brush will do when it comes to taking care of their hair.”

121014_CRTPost_KnotGenieI’ll say; it’s the Knot Genie that makes knots in hair magically disappear.

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