Measuring Up App & Book

When shopping for children’s clothes, measure twice, buy once … and leave the children at home?!

092513_MeasuringUpApp_ImageLauri Chertok has a good thing going.

The Chestnut Hill, MA native who pursued a fabulous fashion career in New York is now a consultant to Moms who want to excel in the fine art of shopping for their children’s clothing.

Call A Babysitter! Lauri is the creator of the successful Measuring Up App for Apple® iPhone and iPad, a nifty shopping app that’s portable enough to use whether you’re in a store, flipping through catalogs or browsing online.

092513_MeasuringUpApp_BookShe’s also the author of a new book, Measuring Up: Buying Clothes that Fit. In it, she puts her 25+ years of experience in the fashion industry to work for you, with a simple, three-step guide that gives you the measurements you need to bring home clothes that fit –without any dressing room temper tantrums and youthful meltdowns. Why? Because you’re kids can stay home.

I want everyone who clothes shops for kids to buy this time-saving app. It will make shopping fun, stress-less and totally doable.

Two-Fisted Ease. While the Measuring Up book includes helpful inventory pages to track your child’s wardrobe for what they’ll need each season, the Measuring Up app lets you email measurements directly to anyone who may need to know them –like grandma, who’s buying a present –or knitting a sweater- for their grandchild (There’s also an automatic conversion function, so she can shop when traveling abroad!).

Whether you use the app, the book or both, Lauri’s easy measurement instructions and accurate storage takes the stress out of shopping.

And they work for grownups, too!

That’s right! Lauri’s thought of everything. As she says, she’ll always be obsessed with fashion, art, good behavior and proper fit.

Learn more about the app and the book by visiting the Measuring Up App website. While you’re there, check out Lauri’s blog, Measuring Up Maven, for her current tips and tales about kids, their parents, children’s fashion and more.

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