GrassHopper by Cozey7

Sun protection that comes from the warmth of the Colorado sun.

Colorado-based Cozey7, designer/manufacturer of the TrailHopper, is introducing the GrassHopper, a one-piece sunsuit that provides breathable, long-lasting UPF 50 protection that doesn’t deteriorate after repeated laundering.

“This summer we designed the GrassHopper to keep kiddos from getting sunburn without using the chemicals, which so many are allergic to,” Jill Winckler, Cozey7 founder, tells me. “The fabric we use is UPF50, made with a tight weave and crushed seashells. No chemical is added to the fabric. There’s nothing to wash off.”

With natural anti-microbial properties, the lightweight GrassHopper also keeps little ones cool and is quick drying. Reversible foot cuffs cover little toes while seated in backpacks and strollers, and hood covers exposed heads. Stuff sack and Camp USA carabiner included.


Pre-Order Now. Visit the Cozey7 booth PV2043 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 5-8, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah for a look-see at the new GrassHopper as well as the specialized protection of Cozey7’s other apparel, the TrailHopper and the Caribou.

UV 50+ Ultra-hip SwimZip

Swim shirts with SPF 50+ and a full length zipper make sun protection so easy for parents and kids.

The beauty of SwimZip, the new sun protection brand from founder and president Betsy Johnson, is that this cute and fashionable swimwear is so easy to get on and off, it’s no longer a hassle to get the very best in sun protection for your child. And this beauty battles a beast: those super-harmful UV rays.

SwimZip is an easy-on, easy-off UV 50+ protective swim shirt for children, featuring a full front zipper, no-pinch zipper flap, sewn-in protective collar, tagless neck and flat seams for comfort. Oh, and did I forget to mention that SwimZip’s material is chlorine resistant? It is.

My #1 goal is to keep children safe from the sun by getting a SwimZip into every child’s household around the world!

The new 2012 collection is inspired by Betsy’s honeymoon last summer. “My husband and I vacationed on the island Moorea, right off Tahiti,” she tells me. “We spent hours on the beach, snorkeling and kayaking around the lagoon. I fell in love with the rich colors of the green trees and mountains, the multicolored blues of water, the reds and purples of the coral reef. I knew that the new SwimZip colors would have to be as rich and powerful as the colors I saw on our honeymoon.” And indeed, they are.

Swimwear All Day Long. Betsy also decided to include matching bottoms for 2012. “I knew parents loved having matching bottoms and tops for swimsuits, so I’ve made SwimZip a swimwear outfit kids can wear all day long.”

When Betsy was 26, she was diagnosed with skin cancer, after years of playing outdoors while growing up in Kansas. “Just one significant sunburn as a child can have long term effects,” she says. “I wish I would have listened to my Mom back then and lathered up with sunscreen.” Now, Betsy has made it a priority to educate children and parents about the dangers of UV rays.  She offers information about UV awareness on the SwimZip website, too.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. The original idea for SwimZip swimwear came with a complaint. Yep – Betsy’s brother was always complaining his daughter Maryella hated taking on and off her swim shirt just as much as she hated having sunscreen applied to her body. So … “With a pair of scissors, I cut Maryella’s swim shirt down the front and fastened it back together with safety pins,” she says. “All of a sudden, the shirt was a breeze to take on and off.  In fact, Maryella could do it herself.” (Cool name, don’t you think?) Thanks, bro – for inspiring Betsy to turn those safety pins into easy-peasie zippers.

SwimZip perfectly blends my loves of fashion, function, health, and kids.

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The Eyes Have It

Protection for kids’ eyes is fun, stylish and oh-so-effective.

When it comes to us humans, no one can deny that we are sun worshippers. Some statistics point out that about half of the total time we spend outdoors occurs in the first 20 years of our lives. And the human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than our skin – reason enough to protect young eyes as aggressively as we do their bodies.

Thanks to these innovative companies, it’s no problem.

In my practice, and in the medical literature, I see that many eye diseases are linked to chronic, cumulative sun exposure.  It’s important to be proactive and protect kids’ eyes with sunglasses.

 -Mark Silverberg MD, Pediatric Ophthalmology

Where Fun meets FunKtion. funKshades is the first line of sunglasses for children with snappable, interchangeable, collectible, tradable charms. Founder Candy Hendrick created the company after learning her daughter Katherine was even more vulnerable to harmful UV rays because of a permanent birthmark on her eye. The “K: in funKshades even stands for “Katherine,” and the fun concept of personalizing sunglasses is inspired by her, too.

As parents, we smother our children with sunscreen, but we often forget to protect their sensitive, precious eyes.

Not only will kids love decorating their sunglasses with these whimsical charms, parents can feel good knowing that the sunglasses themselves provide 100% UVA/UVB polarized sun protection. 

Just for Kids. Real Kids Shades are designed exclusively to fit a child’s face properly, and are shatterproof/impact-resistant, too.  Made from durable, quality materials to ensure 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked, the folks at Real Kids Shades have worked with pediatric opthalmologists for optimal fit, comfort and safety. With a goal of having children’s shades viewed as a year-round necessity, the company hopes to educate the public on common misconceptions that can lead to permanent eye damage.

The truth is, wearing cheap toy sunglasses can actually do more harm to a child’s eyes than not wearing anything at all. Shaded lenses without 100% UVA/UVB protection will relax pupils, causing them to dilate and let more harmful radiation into children’s eyes.

-Real Kids Shades vice president Lisa Medora

Real Kids Shades’ collections -My First Shades, Flex Shades and the new Flex Duo Shades- are CPSIA compliant, CE Certified and FDA Approved to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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