GrassHopper by Cozey7

Sun protection that comes from the warmth of the Colorado sun.

Colorado-based Cozey7, designer/manufacturer of the TrailHopper, is introducing the GrassHopper, a one-piece sunsuit that provides breathable, long-lasting UPF 50 protection that doesn’t deteriorate after repeated laundering.

“This summer we designed the GrassHopper to keep kiddos from getting sunburn without using the chemicals, which so many are allergic to,” Jill Winckler, Cozey7 founder, tells me. “The fabric we use is UPF50, made with a tight weave and crushed seashells. No chemical is added to the fabric. There’s nothing to wash off.”

With natural anti-microbial properties, the lightweight GrassHopper also keeps little ones cool and is quick drying. Reversible foot cuffs cover little toes while seated in backpacks and strollers, and hood covers exposed heads. Stuff sack and Camp USA carabiner included.


Pre-Order Now. Visit the Cozey7 booth PV2043 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 5-8, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah for a look-see at the new GrassHopper as well as the specialized protection of Cozey7’s other apparel, the TrailHopper and the Caribou.


TrailHoppers by Cozey7

Introducing the first performance blanket for your little explorer.

090214_CRTPost_TrailHopper_08Perfect for an Errand or Adventure. In a world of multitasking, everyone could use an extra hand – especially parents. TrailHoppers are a hands-free way to keep your little ones bundled up, cozy-warm, while you walk the dog, carry the diaper bag or push a sibling on a swing. Made from warm, breathable, recycled Polartec,® TrailHoppers are an extra layer to keep the chill away, but they don’t blow away or get run over by the stroller! TrailHoppers integrate with all baby gear and fit between the buckles of car seats, strollers, backpacks, front packs and swaddlers, plus kids can wear them over a diaper or snowsuit.

090214_CRTPost_TrailHopper_05Jill Winckler, a mom from Colorado and founder of Cozey7®, found that a regular blanket requires both hands free to keep little ones’ legs and toes covered while out running errands or enjoying a hike in nature. It’s easy to keep them cozy with a sweater, hoodie or jacket, but legs and toes stay cold. So Jill invented this functional blanket that’s easy for parents to use and even easier for kids to wear.

“TrailHoppers are made for life with the wee set. Whether you’re running errands, bopping around the zoo or kickin’ it on a new trail, this blanket keeps your hands free and gives you peace of mind that your little explorer will be ‘cozey’ and stay tucked all day, down to their toes.”

090214_CRTPost_TrailHopper_02Super Convenient. TrailHoppers’ Polartec® fabric is produced in the U.S. and is the highest quality fleece. The Denier spandex trim has an unbelievable feel and is quick drying, keeping little explorers’ chins from getting chaffed and soggy. The zipper’s anti-jam system makes it easy to zip’em up and off you go. The easy open-toe flap saves you from back-tracking to find a lost sock or shoe or opens to let kids explore.

Made in the USA. “Bringing apparel manufacturing back to the U.S. is a big issue,” Jill says. “A few years back our designers left the U.S. for cheap labor. Young and old were exploited in the factories overseas and at the end of the day, it’s not the best practice. At Cozey7, we have sourced our materials in the U.S. and are manufacturing the TrailHoppers right in Colorado. This has given us the opportunity to build a strong relationship with our manufacturer and see that the production crew is compensated fairly and has a safe work environment.”

Available in a modern array of colors, TrailHoppers are suited for newborns and children up to two years of age. To see the blankets on active toddlers, look through Cozey7’s online picture gallery or Facebook page. Buy on the website or select specialty stores.