Casual, Comfortable Native Shoes

Footwear for the future – designed for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Vancouver, BC-based Native Shoes hit the streets three years ago with a good-looking, trendy line of footwear that molds to feet, is lightweight, washable and odor resistant –a fantastic combination, especially for kids.

The company launched the Native Kids collection in Fall 2010, modeled after popular adult silhouettes Miller, Jefferson and Corrado. Made from the same unique foam-injection molded EVA, the kids collection is also free of animal by-products, waterproof, washable, shock absorbent and odor resistant –using the company’s low energy emissions manufacturing process and zero waste injected molds. Cool.

For the Spring 2012 season, Native Shoes collaborated with The Jim Henson Company on the kids collection look book, which features two stars from Fraggle Rock. Company reps tell me, “Fraggle Rock characters have a special place in the hearts of many young, stylish parents who grew up watching the show. Red Fraggle and Travelling Matt, not only target both parents and kids this season, but also fits into Native’s brand ideology of ‘Futuristic Nostalgia’ perfectly: designs for the future, connected with the past.”

Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes and everything we’ve ever loved about shoe design, the Native aesthetic results in shoes that are easy to wear and great to look at.

Sold everywhere from North America to the Middle East, you can also get your Natives online at, among other e-tailers. I’m thinking about getting myself a pair, actually -they look sooo comfortable.


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