The Gracious Style of Isabel Garreton

Adorn your daughters, nieces and granddaughters in the gracious style of beautiful clothes that reflect both the innocence and beauty of little girls.

The Isabel Garreton® collection is designed with comfort in mind, featuring elegant special occasion dresses, coats and Christening outfits designed for movement, growth and -of course- twirling. With sparkles sewn into fabrics that allow precious skin to breathe, cheeks to glow and small treasures to stay safe in hidden pockets, little girls feel as special as they look.

A line of handmade dolls are lovably soft and quite unique- kids create a customized version online, where they may select skin color, hairstyle, smile, clothing and name.

Isabel Garreton also offers lovely accessories for big girls, too –and recently launched Itsatwist, a collection of flexible hand-woven fabric pieces that can be worn as a scarf, wrap, top or anything else you can imagine. Quite fetching, I’d say!

My company brings timeless style, unique craftsmanship and extraordinary materials from Chile to your closet.

-Isabel Garreton

For over twenty years, Isabel’s company has provided a dignified work opportunity for disadvantaged women from her native country of Chile. All of the proceeds from the collection of women’s accessories, children’s clothing and handmade dolls go back to the women who created them. By teaching women time-honored skills like weaving and embroidery and employing them at her company, Isabel has provided them with a chance for happier and healthier lives.

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