My Twins Are Cuter

“Twinspiring” clothing line that comes in two’s.


Dawn Motolese is mom to twin girls and helped them start a clothing line for twins. “All of our designs are created around the number two, including our logo,” she says. “Designs come in sets for girl/girl, boy/boy and girl/boy twins and we also have shirts for mom and (coming soon) grandma.”

021716_CRT_MyTwinsAreCuter_04Dawn’s twins Olivia and Sophia are only eight years old when they get the “twinspiration” for the My Twins Are Cuter brand, back in 2012 while on a beach vacation with the family, which includes four girls all-together. The company’s name, however, comes directly from Dawn herself. “Let’s face it, what mother or father doesn’t think their children are the cutest, especially when there’s two of them?” Dawn says the phrase so much; her twins urge her get it printed on a shirt. Well at the time, Dawn thinks her girls have a great and fun idea, so the first day back from vacation she purchases the URL, Dream come true.


In the future, Dawn and the twins hope to expand their line beyond tees for toddlers, youth and moms as well as baby onezies. For now, “It has been so much fun watching their creativity blossom and it is fulfilling to share all the aspects of business with them. They are learning and sharing so much,” she says.

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