Faerie Ballgowns by CHIARIstyle

Come dream with us.

Chari Coffey is a Los Angeles-based product development designer and the mastermind behind CHIARIstyle. Among the many creative fashion projects she has going in the women’s, men’s and kids wear markets are these exquisite Faerie Ballgowns.


“For 16 years, I have made miniature dresses that I have given away to little girls that believe in faeries,” Chari tells me. She weaves the magical tale of finding these little dresses hanging high in the trees. “The faeries slip from their dresses and leave them there. If you are lucky to find one just before sunrise, they are magical treats.” Each tiny dress is made by hand, created with imagination from pieces of lace and gems collected, and every dress is inspired by the tiny faerie that will wear it to the Fairy Tale Ball. Chari says, “When asked if I could produce the dress for girls, I put the idea into work.”


The limited edition Faerie Ballgowns for girls are perfect for weddings, dances, tea parties and, of course, fairy tales.

Chari has also been working on The Ella Jewel Collection in honor of her daughter Ella. With extensive experience in all phases of the apparel business from design room management, trend analysis and product development to final packaging, “There is nothing better than creating new product that gets results,” she says. Chari is surely conjuring up fashion magic!

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