Princess Cuffs

Inspired by Catherine the Great of Russia, bracelets for little princesses the world over.

042215_CRTPost_PrincessCuffs_01Pam Bloch is owner/designer of Princess Cuffs, the first ruffled cuff bracelets for all girls ages two through seven. The Sherman Oaks, CA-based small business works with local children’s hospitals to help put smiles on little girls’ faceswith donations of Princess Cuffs.

“My own little girl loved feeling like a princess, loved to dress up and put the finishing touches on her outfit no matter where we were off to,” Pam says. “We are currently working with Make A Wish, Children’s Hospital and St. Jude’s Research Hospital to gift all the little girls a pair of cuffs so they can feel elegant, regal and like a real princess.”

The cuffs come in three sparkly colors, purple, pink and white; and in three sizes. Specialty orders are available upon request.

042215_CRTPost_PrincessCuffs_RiseofCatherinetheGreatFrilly and sparkly, Princess Cuffs are fashioned after the beautiful costumes featured in the 1934 movie, The Rise of Catherine The Great. “The movie is a visual wonder from the intricate sets to the glorious costumes,” Pam says. “What really caught my eye was the cuff accessory added to Catherine’s sleeves of her gowns. They were long, flowy, and sparkly and added a perfect finishing touch to each gown.” From this fashion detail, Pam is inspired to give every little princess her own bracelet “to complete her outfit, add a bit of color or just to wear bracelets like mommy.”

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