Taylor’s and Tots Boutique

041515_CRTPost_TaylorsTotsBoutique_girlsJenny Rodgers is owner of an almost year-old boutique, Taylor’s and Tots, named in honor of her daughter, Taylor Elizabeth. Located in Paducah, KY, this brick-and-mortar and online boutique caters to mothers and their children with the latest trends for women and tween girls, as well as accessories and boys apparel.

“Taylor’s and Tots started as an idea of mine in 2013,” Jenny says. “I dreamed of a place where a woman could shop and find both trendy and affordable clothing for both herself and her children.” With the help of her family, Jenny created a shopping experience where women can buy high fashion and their children are welcome –and happy to be there.

041515_CRTPost_TaylorsTotsBoutique_boys“I love bringing comfortable, trendy and affordable clothing to moms just like me and their children,” she says. “We offer an expansive variety of clothing styles and sizes, shoes and accessories for women and children at prices that you can’t beat!”

Taylor’s and Tots opened in June 2014 with trendy clothing, the best prices and unbeatable customer service. Find wonderful gifts here, too.

FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $25!


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