Small family-owned and operated business dreams up big ideas for babies –and parents, too.

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_02Bubele means “sweet baby,” and Bubele, Inc. is the brain child of founder/owner Kris Weisblatt. Kris tells me she started her baby company in 2007 after suffering a traumatic brain injury during delivery of her youngest son, Evan.

“I was in a coma for two weeks,” Kris says. “After receiving therapy, I returned home and everyday things were now more difficult to accomplish. Taking care of a newborn, I found the need for items that were not available on the market.”

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_03Kris decides to go after her dreams, starting her very own clothing line. “I designed a Pacifier Snappy™ to replace the pacifier clip that has snaps in place of a clip, so babies cannot pull that binky off and throw it.”

In addition to the redesigned Pacifier Snappy, Bubele also carries a fun Mix & Match clothing line. Kris designs the Bubele Bib with an attached neck roll to wick milk away and the stretchy, oversize Wrap to swaddle newborns more easily. And she doesn’t stop there.

120314_CRTPost_Bubele_08She creates the patent pending Bubele Loop, sewn into each side seam of her body suits and tops – one of her best ideas. “The simple concept keeps pacifier clips from slipping,” she says. This is her signature invention, one that sets Bubele apart from all the rest!

Kris continues to run her small family-owned and operated Bubele that she starts on a zero budget, using her own fabrics and sewing machine … only now, she has more time to focus on her innovative, modern designs.

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