Love, Linda

091614_CRTPost_LoveLinda_DanceFashion meets health with kids being the winners.

After working in the entertainment industry for many years, Linda Brukman Brown pursues her love of knitting, selling her own knit designs during her lunch breaks to stores on trendy Melrose and Montana Avenues in Los Angeles, California.

Later, with products in over 150 stores nationwide –and a love of books and book art- Linda decides to re-launch her line as Love, Linda – The Art of Reading, curating unique children’s illustrations by fine artists from all over “to bring their creative imagination into your homes.”

091614_CRTPost_LoveLinda_DogGlassesMade in the USA. The Oak Park, CA-based company, now in their twenty-second year, produces a full line of tees, one pieces and more designed with art from children’s book illustrators such as Mary Jane Begin, Jennifer Goldfinger, Daniel J. Mahoney, Amy Schimler and others. Her newest collection is a line of Allergy Awareness clothing.

091614_CRTPost_LoveLinda_ImDairyFreeImagine walking into a school knowing that about 5.9 million children under the age of 18 have a food allergy such as dairy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy. This is the world Linda found herself in when she began to research why she was having bronchial infections and other related illnesses that have plagued her for almost 12 years.  Frustrated that doctor after doctor could not help her, she turned to an Acupuncturist who is trained in both Eastern and Western medicine. The doctor suggested giving up dairy, focusing on other types of food allergies as well, which led to not only immediate relief and subsidence of Linda’s symptoms, she began a quest for information and a passion to give children, especially those too young to advocate for themselves, a way to tell others about their allergies

091614_CRTPost_LoveLinda_Hugs“My hope is that no child or parent will have to fear going to school or a play date and worry that their allergy will turn their day upside down,” Linda says. Her Allergy Awareness collection features kid friendly designs and slogans, as well as a line of stickers to adorn lunch boxes.


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