eden & zoe

092314_CRTPost_FW LIFESTYLE_GirlBeautiful cotton and cashmere knitwear for children.

When new lifestyle children’s brand eden & zoe launched its Fall/Winter 2014 collection in early September, fans were treated to an Art Deco-inspired array of comfortable knits in modern designs using classic art deco design elements, including a striking intarsia chevron pattern and delicate floral pointelle and lace knits. Founder/designer Melissa Wang presents her designs in shades of gray, blue, brown and light pink –ideal for mix, match and layering. Each piece in this collection is named after a prominent art deco artist or designer.

My aim is to design cashmere knitwear for children that is sophisticated and understated. I believe in classic styling with a modern twist. I like to think about the details that make a garment unique yet timeless. Most importantly, it is about your child feeling comfortable and confident in what she/he is wearing.

092314_CRTPost_FW LIFESTYLE_BoyIn addition to a cool, collected boys collection, eden & zoe also introduces gorgeous new cashmere and cotton baby blankets to the entire line of accessories, cardigans, dresses, outerwear, hats, hand and leg warmers.

Melissa explains why cashmere is ideal for children’s clothing, because it’s breathable form allows the clothes made from it to be worn in all climates. Cashmere also gets softer with age and more comfortable – perfect for hand-me-downs. It’s also a renewable resource from goats native to the Mongolian highlands (and we all know how much I like goats!). The goats produce long fibers that are harvested by hand, then washed before being spun into yarn. Timeless, ageless and luxurious!

092314_CRTPost_EDENZOEBABY_01_01View the entire F/W 2014 collection here: eden & zoe is currently available for purchase at Worldwide shipping available.

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