Salvage Maria Clothing

Up-cycled, reclaimed children’s clothing label débuts in Pop-In@Nordstrom nationwide.

091814_CRTPost_SalvageMaria_02Salvage Maria, considered a “tragically hip” collection that launched earlier this year in Los Angeles, uses a mix of salvaged and new fabrics to create ready-to-wear looks for style-savvy kids. The clothing line’s mission is to breathe new life into old favorites – every Salvage Maria piece is proudly Made in the USA from salvaged, upcycled, reclaimed and new fabrics carefully chosen by designer Janeesa Joseph, a native of Dallas, TX with Mexican heritage, and her mother, Maria -who occasionally travels to Mexico to source unique fabrics. Salvage Maria works closely with local vendors to ensure keepsake-quality designs and they also take custom orders, reinventing customers’ personal pieces for their kids.

091814_CRTPost_SalvageMaria_01A few years ago, Janeesa gets inspired by a friend who makes her sons’ play pants out of her husband’s old t-shirts and decides to try her hand at up cycling her own creations. She quickly receives custom orders and a warm reception for her reclaimed, handmade styles. Busy after the birth of her son, Janeesa puts Salvage Maria on the backburner, hoping to revisit her passion project when her son starts preschool. However, the tragic death of Janeesa’s younger brother on Christmas Eve is the catalyst for reviving Salvage Maria as a way to honor her brother’s memory.

091814_CRTPost_SalvageMaria_05“My mother Maria had packed some of his clothes to be donated,” Janeesa says.
“Fortunately, I was able to save some t-shirts and other pieces. With what we had, we designed tees, pants, cardigans and pajamas for my little guy. We also set aside some of my brother’s other items for my sisters whenever they have children. It was bittersweet, intimate and such a special process. It truly encompassed on a personal level the power of ‘Salvage Maria.'”

J091814_CRTPost_SalvageMaria_04ust a few short months after the February 2014 launch, Olivia Kim, director of creative projects at Nordstrom, handpicks Salvage Maria via Instagram to sell its one-of-a-kind creations in Pop-In@Nordstrom at eight flagship locations including Seattle, San Francisco and Dallas, and online at until October 12. The month-long event is part of an ongoing series of themed pop-up shops curated by Olivia, showcasing an eclectic mix of rising stars in the design world. Salvage Maria’s distinctive handmade fringe vegan leather jackets, hand-distressed jean jackets, fringed vests and reworked vintage tees are available for sale. Salvage Maria is also offering special giveaways at all eight locations.

What a fantastic way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through October 15, sí?

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