Hoodebaby Love

One of life’s simple pleasures has got to be a walk in the rain on a warm summer day.

Showers could be fleeting though – and over before you can get the kids into their raincoats. All you could hope for is they’ve got their rain boots on … to puddle-splash, of course. Or … you can get your kids a Hoodebaby.

Slip it on, wrap them up and go. Made for babies, toddlers and kids (and hopefully for adults someday –hint, hint), Hoodebaby is a hooded wrap that blankets children easily from rain and cold. This stylish outerwear is a one-size-fits-all alternative to wearing a coat. Hoodebaby rainwear is crafted of BPA and lead free 100% laminated cotton and double combed cotton flannel, and the warmwear is made from designer micro fleece and soft fluffy baby bunting. Great for walking in the rain, keeping the chill of air conditioning at bay or weathering a beach breeze.

Stuffing a baby into a coat is always cumbersome. The child becomes overheated, car seat straps need to be loosened (which is unsafe) and it is very awkward carrying a child wearing a coat.

Designer/creator Rani Isbell is raising five kids with her husband, and she’s was always looking for ways to make their day-to-day routine less complicated. “Hoodebaby is faster, easier and more comfortable than a coat,” she says. “It will be one of the most useful additions to your child’s wardrobe.”

I especially love the colorful prints – from sandalwood to tart, gypsy, teal pom pom and pink owl, they make Hoodebabies stand out from the crowd. You can tell they’ve cuddly soft and fun to wear.

By the way, the “e” in Hoodebaby honors Rani’s most recent edition to her family, baby Elias.

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