LamanBlu™ Celebrates Childhood

Play, dance, live…because LamanBlu™ is made to Celebrate Childhood.

Holli Gibson’s three-year-old is a stunner. Her eco-friendly contemporary apparel line LamanBlu™ premiered to rave reviews in 2009 and has grown to include a boy’s line and industry praise. Holli herself is the recipient of The Rising Star Award for Design from Fashion Group International.

“‘Laman blou’ means ‘blue sea’ in Papiamentu and is a constant source of inspiration for me,” Holli says. “I’ve been a fashion designer for years working out of New York and Dallas, but watching my children explore the world’s wonders with fresh eyes led me to create a brand to celebrate childhood.”

Made in the USA. The company makes beautiful apparel with signature detailing for children ages six months to six years, using gentle-to-our-environment fabrics, which are also gentle to a child’s delicate skin. Holli says, “We use fabrics including bamboo, pure linen and organic cottons, recycled polyester blends, all in fashion forward bright colors – and everything is Made in the USA.” She knows that children want to be comfortable no matter what they’re wearing, so all styles go through extensive wear testing by real kids. She keeps mom’s busy life in mind, too –creating machine washable, ironing optional pieces, many have adjustment points at critical areas, so a child can wear their clothing for longer, even after a growth spurt.

Another way LamanBlu™ carries out its mission to Celebrate Childhood is to support charities protecting children and protecting our world for them. “We are actively involved in several charities both through direct volunteerism and financial support, including JDRF, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Falling Whistles.

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