How to Hire a Nanny –

A safe and easy way to find qualified childcare is only a few clicks away. is an online service to help anyone find the best nannies and babysitters, offering advice, tips, and resources for not only families, but the nannies and babysitters, too.

We understand your needs, concerns, and fears, because we have been in your shoes.

“When my wife went back to work after maternity leave, we were faced with the challenge of finding a trustworthy, responsible, and loving nanny for our three children,” says co-founder Ken Myers. This experience has prompted us to found and operate”

In addition to providing services that include information on childcare and how to hire a caregiver, NannyPro also has resources on education, health and wellness –even ways to save, pets and kids sports, such as this article, 10 Reasons Big Wheels Have Stood the Test of Time, written by contributor Sara Dawkins.

The folks at NannyPro personally conduct in-depth reviews of each nanny and babysitter who joins the NannyPro listing, including reference and background checks and in-person interviews. site. “We do extensive research using the best background check options on the market and are able to offer our users a Best-in-Class Background Check process,” they say. NannyPro recently expanded by partnering with childcare leader, a resource for over 15 years. The Buffalo, NY-based business serves the United States and Canada.

Both sites offer a unique experience for families and caregivers to meet and help raise our children.

The Complete NannyPro Hiring Guide. One of NannyPro’s services free with each full membership is a complete hiring guide written by company president Carolin Soldo, full of advice on how to get started, the nanny or babysitter hiring process, templates and forms including interview selection sheets, interview questions, sample work agreement, all you need to know about nanny taxes, and more.

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