Baby Wit

Show the world your baby has serious style.‘s quirky, eclectic t-shirts for children is the largest collection of comic infant and toddler t-shirts on the Internet, according to founder Rosalee Rester. You can also find one-pieces, bibs, dresses, blankets, slippers and other accessories in funky, alternative prints.

Apparently, Rosalee started Baby Wit because she was tired of seeing cute rainbows, hearts and bears on baby shirts (“Especially bears. We hated bears.”). More to the point,  Rosalee’s designs for kids clothing reveal quite a sense of humor, with an adult sensibility. And for the past 10 years, the rock-inspired Baby Wit brand has become quite popular, too.

Our best sellers come from pop culture icons and the music you love, that someday your baby will grow to appreciate, too.

072413_BabyWit_04Tragically Hip. Consider Baby Wit’s shopping categories:

  • rock baby clothes (Sonic Youth, Sex Pistols)
  • unique art on baby clothes (DAVe Warnke, Option-G)
  • conscientious baby clothes (Stephen Colbert, Protester, Emma Goldman)
  • funny baby clothes (“My Mama Drinks Because I Cry,” “If You Think I’m Good Lookin’ You Should See My Uncle,” Jon Stewart)
  • celebrity baby clothes (Hitchcock, Bukowski, Bill Murray, Clint Eastwood)
  • select clothes are also available for women, men and dogs -yep, your family pet!

072413_BabyWit_02Made in the USA. Baby Wit infant and toddler clothing is made from sustainable fabrics, and is hand-pressed using retro iron-on transfers, or hand-printed using non-toxic water based inks. Everything is cut, sewn and printed in Portland, OR.

Baby Wit is a Small Itty Bitty Tiny Single Mom Run Business. “It’s just me holding down the fort,” Rosalee says. “This past year I’ve had to lay off my last employee, so it’s just me running the shop now,” Rosalee says. “Yes, I’m the one answering the phones, your emails, making all your shirts, folding them, packing them and labeling them. Sorry for the crappy gift wrapping. I seem to be lacking in that department. Patience is appreciated! A shout out and hearty thank you to all my current customers.”

072413_BabyWit_RosaleeResterNot so fast.

She may be running Baby Wit by herself these days, but Rosalee is continually at the forefront of the alternative clothing movement, being one the first manufacturers to market with rock clothing for babies. She makes an effort to introduce new and revolutionary concepts to the shopping public all the time – like her new brand Yankers, a clothing line made especially for easy diaper changes.

I say Rock On, Rosalee.


072313_Yankers_03Easy Access, Easy Changing: Yankers Débuts Smart New Way To Dress Children

After enduring countless diaper changes involving multiple snaps, noisy Velcro, irritating zippers and binding elastic waistbands, children’s clothing designer Rosalee Rester creates a comfortable, simple alternative for babies and children.

Yankers® is a brand new clothing concept for easy diaper changing débuting a new collection this Fall. These stylish all-in-one outfits have no snaps, zippers, button, Velcro™, elastic or other fasteners to contend with.

As a mom I know exactly what it’s like to struggle with kicking legs, tons of snaps and out-of-control rollers. My innovative design allows you to pull the stretchy legs down and off to change baby fast and easy.

072313_Yankers_02Yankers in Action. For a diaper change, simply yank down on the back panel, guiding the baby’s knees out. The top stays put the entire time to keep baby warm during the change. When you’re done, guide baby’s feet back into pant legs and yank up on the panel, for that Mom-approved finish!

“I loved the concept of an all-in-one outfit that I could grab out of a drawer in the dark, not having to worry about matching tops to bottoms,” Rosalee says, “and have my baby dressed in a stylish outfit without ever having snapped even one snap.”

Made in the USA. Yankers is a women-owned and operated apparel company that makes modern, sustainable clothing for children, manufactured in the United States of America using natural and breathable fabrics -blends of cotton, bamboo, model and spandex. (I love this: the company says that occasionally, they employ men as slaves!). Yankers are available in sizes 0 to 3T at

072313_Yankers_01Born in 2008. Rosalee spent five years researching and developing her revolutionary idea, testing eight different patterns before perfecting the Yankers® design. The Fall ’13 début collection features a green, red and black color palette with optional ruffle and pocket details. In addition to the solid colors, Yankers with Buddha, Heart Bolt, Star Bolt and an adorable “Baby Nerd” tie and pocket protector design are also available.

Interested in a unique color? Ask for special hand-dyed custom-colored Yankers.

Rosalee is also the founder of Baby Wit, one the first manufacturers to market with rock clothing for babies. Check back tomorrow to find out more!