WallCandy Arts and Wallies

Two beautiful and innovative brands, complimenting each other and most importantly, offering loyal customers hundreds more options for home décor.

WallCandy Arts joins forces with Wallies as the newest division of The McCall Pattern Company.


WallCandy Arts  began in 2003 with the purpose of offering parents a stylish, high-end solution for decorating their children’s walls.  Over time, the company grew beyond regular decals to include patented peel and stick chalkboards, as well as whiteboard decals and an array of edgy and sweet temporary wallpapers.


Wallies began in the late 1990’s, and was purchased by The McCall Pattern Company in 1998. Wallies offers well-priced decorative peel and stick wall decal ideas for every room in the house. Peel and Stick chalkboard and dry erase have also become a large part of Wallies’offerings.

Together, both brands will continue to honor McCall’s tradition of DIY products that are beautiful, inspirational and functional. The two brands will be introducing many new designs in the weeks and months to come.

Wallcandy Arts Holiday

Peel, stick, decorate … remove & reuse … without damaging your walls.

121813_WallcandyArts_01Add whimsy and cheer to your holiday décor with fun and festive new designs to Wallcandy Arts‘ peel-and-stick wall decals. Rearrange new, removable, reusable Dancing Deer, Merry Tree and Merry Christmas letters easily to create distinctive scenes and holiday dreams –for your child’s room, a family holiday party or to entice St. Nick himself. Adorable!

I hear there’s a sale going on right now, too … check out Wallcandy’s Facebook page.

WallCandy Arts

A favorite of Children’s Retail Today, WallCandy Arts is Made in the USA.

WallCandy Arts is the company behind WallCandy -removable, repositionable and reusable wall stickers and wall art. The brainchild of Allison Krongard, mom to Lilly and Brandon, WallCandy lets adults –and kids- create a unique atmosphere in any room with patented decorative products made with you in mind.

WallCandy Arts is the ultimate commitment-free décor for any room.

Peel and Stick. Anyone decorating with WallCandy can do so easily and effortlessly, leaving no marks on the walls. Made in the USA of non-toxic materials, WallCandy’s special adhesive allows you to remove and reposition the design over and over again.

Allison’s first WallCandy client was actually a friend’s three-year-old named Max –who turned out to be one tough customer. Just as soon as Allison had pulled together the inspiration, swatches and paint chips to suit his dinosaur obsession, he changed his mind, wanting his room filled with spaceships! The experience became the ultimate idea-maker:  “If kids’ imaginations grow as fast as their bodies, why not create a décor element that’s easy to change and easy to apply?” Allison shares online.

That was back in 2002. Now, Allison is the patented inventor of removable, reusable and repositionable chalkboard wall decals, too –and the WallCandy product line has expanded to include removable wallpaper, wall decals, instant wallpaper, patented peel and stick chalkboard, party decorating celebration kits, seasonal decal designs and more.

In January, WallCandy Arts partnered with lifestyle brand French Bull to create a new collection of wall decals, reinventing them with a fresh and contemporary look. The collection is designed to inspire a child’s imagination while adding pizzazz to a nursery or playroom.

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