New Plush from Aurora World

The award-winning company introduces three engaging new lines the blend trendy with traditional cuddliness.

042314_CRTPost_Aurora_01Leading plush toy, gift and doll manufacturer Aurora World Inc. recently added three new original lines -from the eye-catching to the irresistible, Wuff & Friends is based on a proven Aurora best-selling character, while Taddle Toes and Wobbly Bobblees use oversized features to grab the attention and hearts of shoppers everywhere.

These stunning, new product lines provide our customers with a true impact at retail via excellent value, branded merchandising support and engaging consumer experiences.

042314_CRTPost_Aurora_02Wuff & Friends. “Shake the animal upside down for a fun feature that makes Wuff and his friends outrageously fluffy,” says Michael Kessler, Aurora’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. Shaggy, waggy and just plain cute, Wuff is Aurora’s best-selling sheepdog highlighting a line of eight dogs including Schnauzer, Chow, Pekinese, Poodle, Malamute, Pomeranian and Scottie. A high-pile, low-pile mix gives this plush line a whimsical, fun look that is soft to the touch.

Retailers:  Merchandise signage and product tags reinforce this messaging.

042314_CRTPost_Aurora_03Taddle Toes. “These characters encompass chunky soft bodies, endearing faces and detailed, oversized feet,” Michael says. At recent industry trade shows, Taddle Toes proved to be one of the hottest sellers as the oversized features delighted buyers who wanted a stand out plush product for their stores. The Taddle Toes line features a large variety of popular domestic, jungle and wildlife animals. “We anticipate Taddle Toes to be a long-term plush line with introductions for our ‘everyday’ and seasonal styles, as well as for baby, including adorable pink and baby blue bears and elephants.”

Retailers:Aurora’s branded display rack holds approximately 32 pieces.

042314_CRTPost_Aurora_04Wobbly Bobblees. “An innovative, impulse plush line with strong shelf appeal, Wobbly Bobblees feature darling, oversized heads that subtly wobble for an endearing head tilt at retail,” Michael says. “Plus they are extremely cute, and that equals strong sales.” Seventeen styles include a monkey, lion, elephant, white tiger, pig, cow, giraffe, cat and dogs; a spring-themed assortment with lamb, chick, bunny and frog complete the line.

Retailers: Aurora’s collateral merchandising support including a branded corrugated display and product hangtag, highlight the Wobbly Bobblees characters and product features.

Aurora showcases its products at over 50 industry trade shows each year including Atlanta International Gift Show July 8-15, 2014; showroom #784. Aurora products are available in more than 25,000 specialty stores and gift shops worldwide as well as online at For more information or to make an appointment at an upcoming trade show, visit, email or call 888-287-6722.

The Plush Animal Kingdom of Aurora World

Visit almost any gift shop at a zoo or a hospital, a toy, Hallmark store or Claire’s …

… even a florist, a candy or stationery store worldwide – and you’ve probably ogled over the cute plush toys from Aurora World, Inc. Founded in 1981, the Korean company with headquarters also in the U.S., the UK and Hong Kong is a leader in the toy and gift industry, offering luxuriously soft, lifelike and adorable plush toys for kids of all ages –a far cry from my own little stuffed doggie named Trevor I still have from my childhood!

Signature by Aurora® This brand new line of plush animals is handcrafted with personal attention to detail. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Wildlife, jungle and exotics like fox and lemurs –even bald eagles and owls- are boxed individually and include a hand-stitched, illustrated booklet outlining the animal’s distinctive characteristics.

Aurora has elegantly captured the spirit, grace and vitality of real wildlife with one of the most beautiful lines we’ve ever created. Each piece is hand cut, sewn and shaded to make it so exquisite. These particular details bring each of the Signature characters to life.

-Michael Kessler, senior vice president of sales and marketing

Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Aurora World and Hasbro, Inc. have teamed up on a new line of plush dolls based on the iconic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy of old, bringing these beloved characters to life for a new generation of children.

YooHoo & Friends™ Aurora’s international plush toy phenomenon has sold more than 14 million worldwide, and the company recently added eight new WannaBes and an assortment based on the colors of the rainbow. Due to popular demand, Aurora added a pink gorilla and camel to the YooHoo & Friends line, too.

Lush Two-Toned Fabric. This year, Aurora adds shimmer and shine to new lines Sweet & Softer, Wishful Bear, Silly Monkey and Jewel Pets- a line of squeezably soft stuffed animals. The short pile plush appears reflective and bright from one angle and soft and smooth from another.

Three brand new plush gift lines are geared toward new parents and their children:

The western-themed Lil’ Howdys, an interactive collection of Crinkle Friends and Quizzies, a collection of bears, bunnies and puppies. Michael Kessler says, “These accessories are the perfect complement for the crib and nursery.”

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