10 Must-Know Trade Show Facts [Infographic]

Prepare for the upcoming trade show season!

Stacey Woods, Business Development Manager at mobile commerce solutions company Pepperi, shares this handy dandy infographic to help you prepare for Playtime New York February 12-14 and any trade show you’re planning to attend in 2017.

“The top 10 must-know facts include how many attendees have buying authority, how many of them are first-timers, how many have buying intent, and much more,” Stacey says. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to stop by and meet with Pepperi at the shows – if you have the chance!




What’s a Pepperi?


Pepperi is a species of frog that displays the most beautiful colors and markings of almost any animal on the planet. Known for being able to see in almost every direction, Pepperi frogs have very powerful legs to help them leap to great distances.

Pepperi is also the spirit animal of a company offering a mobile commerce solution for brands and wholesalers. Great for onsite and online B2B sales, the fully customizable apps for catalog presentation, order taking, merchandising and e-commerce puts everything your sales reps, merchandisers and customers need at their fingertips.


Children’s Accessories & Toys

For brands and wholesalers of toys and accessories looking to increase sales, Pepperi simplifies ordering with capabilities built specifically for the infant, children’s and toy industries. Product searching can be filtered with attributes such as age, gender, theme, category and sub-category. With Pepperi, sales reps use a mobile app to take more and bigger orders on the go, showcasing product catalogs at customers’ offices, retail stores and trade shows. B2B customers can order directly from your web storefront, anytime, anywhere.


Pepperi’s business development folks will tell you companies that use Pepperi

  • see a lift of over 20% in sales
  • cut order processing costs by as much as 30%
  • deliver a memorable buying experience for B2B customers

“Over 1,000 businesses in 58 countries use Pepperi,” Business Development Manager Stacey Woods tells me, “integrated to their back-end ERP and accounting systems to transact more than $1.25B a quarter and continually grow their business.”

Based in New York, Pepperi mobile sales software is a game-changer for brands and wholesalers of all sizes across all industries, including Rip Curl, Toy Networx, Boboli, Blue Range and others. See How Simply Southern Tees Integrated Pepperi into QuickBooks for Increased Sales Growth.