Little Man Happy

First look at the Bandit Romance Collection.

Unisex. Organic. Straight from the heart. Kids fashion and lifestyle brand Little Man Happy today launches Bandit Romance, a “fresh and tender” collection for dreamers and wanderers, for lovers of any kind expressly made for girls and boys ages from 0 to 11 years. The new collection features dresses, bombers, babywear, sweaters, pants and more with the brand’s signature design element: reduced artwork and allover prints.

Little Big Man is the love child of Ivonne and Sven. While Ivonne brings her fashion design and illustration expertise, Sven brings experience in the interior industry. The team combines both understandings of design, lifestyle and inspiration to organic kids fashion from Berlin of comfortable, easy to wear basics with unconventional style and topic-dominated graphic elements; “always with a wink and little smile, never boring, often straight forward,” true originals.

“High fashion always means highest quality standards,” Ivonne says. “Connecting them with child-friendly, minimalist-inspired style is an insanely nice challenge for me. I like the idea that every little person feels my maximum attention in each of his or her clothing items.”

The new Bandit Romance collection relies on Ivonne’s and Sven’s experience in the material and processing selection. The unisex styles combine classic designs with shiny loud prints and fulfill oekotex 100 and most GOTS standards.

Oh la la… y Olé!

Introducing a brand new online boutique, straight from the heart of España.

112013_OhlalayOle_adIt’s been about a month since new e-commerce site Oh la la…y Olé! ( opened for business, and to celebrate –the shop owners are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed by November 30! Just in time to beat the holiday shopping crowds.

112013_OhlalayOle_04Based in Valencia, Spain, Oh la la… y Olé! carries European designer baby and childrenswear for kids aged eight and younger -from some of the most popular, trendy and stylish Spanish brands.

Our commitment is to introduce to our clients unique, beautiful, practical, trendy clothes. We work only with brands that we know and buy for our own children. We believe that the kind of clothing we sell in our online boutique helps our kids look unique and express their own personality.

112013_OhlalayOle_05International Shipping. Low Rates. The folks at Oh la la… y Olé! are committed to making your shopping experience as easy and as delightful as possible, especially for all the Moms and Dads who are normally time challenged! “We believe that all our efforts will definitely help them to find and purchase for their children great quality products at a good price, enjoying online shopping from the comfort of their home.”

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021313_Desigual_logoThis Spanish sweetheart of  fashion continues to amaze and delight.

Stop by any children’s trade show, market center floor or showroom these days, and one word seems to dominate buyers’ conversations:

Desigual. With that unusual “s”.

021313_Desigual_CirqueDuSolielPronounced de’-zē-gwal and roughly translated from Spanish to English as “different, unequal,” this global apparel company for people of all ages continues to take the children’s market by storm – thanks to a characteristically different, optimistic, uninhibited approach to clothing and accessories. The company’s eye-popping colors and innovative designs dress kids in all shades of happy. The company even teamed with Cirque du Soliel on the Rainbow collection, an artistic line for little ones inspired by the magical world of the circus.

021313_Desigual_03Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, the company makes clothes that touch the emotions. Producing at sites worldwide, carefully selected for their exacting ethical codes, Desigual designs surprise attendees each year at events such as MAGIC Marketplace Las Vegas, Bread & Butter Berlin, Who’s Next Paris and more –it’s now available for children’s buyers at The Rose Garden in New York … not to mention shoppers everywhere.

021313_Desigual_02Quality of Life Clothing. Thirty years ago, Swiss-born founder and creative director Thomas Meyer envisioned a future where people dressed in a different way, in clothes that helped generate positive feelings, affordable to all. Ever since, Desigual – the business and the brand – emanates positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun. Today’s huge staff encompasses at least 30 different nationalities. For those that work – and wear – it, Desigual is a state of mind, as reflected in Desigual Kids’ optimistic, carefree mood – a kids collection that’s been introduced every season since 2004.

021313_Desigual_01Desigualization. Desigual already enjoys a significant presence in the American market -and this is just part of the company’s future focus: to ‘desigualize’ the world. Perhaps it’s the fact that the company is wholly committed to the customer, creating experiences for them and getting them to share in the evolution of the brand. Or maybe it’s the founding philosophy inherent in each new collection.

Whatever attracts kids and parents to Desigual, it’s working.

  • Children’s Retail Today publishes new posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you want to get the word out about your innovative, imaginative and inspiring products for children, contact me today! Portions re-purposed from Desigual – A Global Sensation, written by Beth L. Gainer for HUDSON’S Childrenswear Review.

Marie Puce Paris – New Collection

When sisters Camile and Anne created Marie Puce Paris in 2003, they introduced the market to beautifully manufactured clothes of elegant design and bright color.

100% fashion, 100% chic. The new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection for girls is inspired by a delightful choice of Liberty prints and four of the sisters’ favorite colors – Fucshia (“makes you radiant”), Coral (“very tonic”), Turquoise (“subtle and soft”) and Purple (“sober and feminine”). Clean lines. Sophisticated final touches.

For babies, the colors are bright and soft. “We love the retro shapes and smart outfits.” And for boys, the collection is energetic and comfortable line with Bermudas, retro shorts and cotton shirts.

Quality is our top priority and we select only the best of fabrics, such as authentic Liberty prints or cotton poplin. And our prices remain very accessible. The clothes are easy to wear and are loved by children, teenage girls and mothers alike.

Clothes, accessories, footwear … jewelry, fragrance and plush toys … all part of Marie Puce! Many pieces are manufactured in France. Consider a private show!

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