My Lanyard Maker

Helps kids create the easiest lanyards ever – weave it to believe it!

Recently, the Choose Friendship Company débuted the new My Lanyard Maker on popular shopping site HSN –with great applause!

112113_ChooseFriendship_04Whether you grew up calling them lanyards, scoubidou, boondoggle or plastic gimp, this all-American arts and crafts favorite makes making them easier than ever. My Lanyard Maker’s innovative loom is designed to create an endless variety of patterns, without tangling laces and confusing knots. Convenient storage keeps colorful supplies neat and clean, too.

112113_ChooseFriendship_01Fun Gift Idea. Popular with the boys as well as the girls, kids can design colorful plastic bracelets, tradable key rings and backpack charms with My Lanyard Maker –great holiday fun!

112113_ChooseFriendship_03The Choose Friendship Company is the brainchild of David Crorey, who’s philosophy is, “Give me an everyday problem and I’ll invent a solution.” He invented the My Friendship Bracelet Maker® for this granddaughters, so they could make friendship bracelets with ease – a patented innovation.

112113_ChooseFriendship_02Now, David has turned a family business into a global sensation, bringing even more innovation to simple crafting techniques with an expanding product line to engage kids in creative self expression, while promoting the message of friendship.

Choose Friendship Company

Choose Friendship is not only the name of a family-owned company from Michigan, but a way of life and daily affirmation that is spreading like wildfire.

Specializing in crafting kits, Choose Friendship Company is taking traditional crafting to the next level, making it easier, all-inclusive and travel-ready … the kind of  “no-muss-no-fuss” that crafters of all ages appreciate.

The company that David Crorey started while babysitting his granddaughters -trying to perfect the old-fashioned method of creating friendship bracelets he introduced the patented innovation My Friendship Bracelet Maker®- goes above and beyond to provide a helping hand worldwide.

050213_ChooseFriendship_02The team started with initiatives that encouraged crafters to create bracelets for those touched by cancer (Pink and White, Kids Join the Fight), diabetes awareness (Embracing You With a Circle of Blue), and military families (Red, White and Blue, Kids Serve Too).

Last year Choose Friendship Co. partnered with Mad Habit Media, a local teen artist, and over 100 Michigan kids to create a flash mob style music video, featuring the song “Inside Out” that inspires others to choose friendship rather than empower bullies. The profit raised from iTunes downloads and t-shirt sales were donated to Defeat The Label, a local anti-bullying organization.

Touched by stories of those devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Choose Friendship Co. donated products to independent toy stores on the coast and the Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). Other recent contributions include Maiden Nation’s cause of helping survivors from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to build a new life.

Plans are underway to work with Wish Upon a Teen to help teenagers with developmental or medical conditions.

050213_ChooseFriendship_01Today, the Choose Friendship family business has gone global, continually expanding its product line to an ever-widening audience with exciting innovation to both traditional and new crafting techniques. Their mission is to engage kids in creative self expression, while continuing to promote the message of friendship.

With 18 awards and counting, Choose Friendship Company products consistently win ratings for entertainment, originality and educational value from parent and industry experts. As compact, travel-ready imagination starters, all of their products come with everything kid crafters need to unplug from digital distractions and explore their connections to each other.

Friendship Bracelets – BFF’s and More

The award-winning My Friendship Bracelet Maker® by Choose Friendship Company has been flying off the shelves lately.

The friendship bracelet – an international symbol of camaraderie – is a wonderful reminder to youngsters that they can count on their best friends no matter what, especially in this era of bullying and hurtful words. Invented for his granddaughters by David Crorey, a retired auto industry exec, the portable My Friendship Bracelet Maker helps kids make their own designs neatly and with ease.

Michigan-based Choose Friendship Company has established quarterly campaigns encouraging support networks between kids across the country. For instance, they collaborated with Mad Habit Media to launch an anti-bully, pro-friendship campaign revolving around the song/video, Inside Out, sung by Michigan teen Marisa Nahas – and proceeds from the song’s sales are donated to non-profit organizations that support this cause.

Because children carry burdens often overlooked or misunderstood by others, we want them to feel welcomed into their own exclusive club. Our mission is to let them know they’re not alone; not only are others living with the same fear and uncertainty, but that these special children are loved and supported by a larger community.

-Julie Crorey, mom to the granddaughters

This year, Choose Friendship also introduces two new craft kits. The My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler™ is great for backpacks and carry-ons and the nifty slide-out storage drawer features 20 pre-cut Prism® embroidery threads in 10 different colors. With The Image Bracelet Maker™, kids can express their favorite likes of the moment on their wrist – just like Pinterest! It uses photos, magazine pictures, internet images or the included art starter sheets to assemble bracelets that are totally unique and awesome.

Choose Friendship is not only the craft kit family business’ new name (the company was once known as Crorey Creations) but also its mantra. The joy of the product line is its ability to engage impressionable kids of the importance of friends and self-expression. Plus, it’s gone global in two short years. QVC sold out its entire load of more than 55,000 kits during the 4th quarter, 2011. National and specialty retailers alike had to restock their shelves in-store and online. My Friendship Bracelet Maker® and My Ribbon Barrette Maker® have earned kudos from Tillywig Toy Awards, Parents’ Choice, Dr. Toy, Creative Child Magazine, NAPPA Awards and Brilliant Sky.

Log on to for instructional videos, charitable causes, store locations, to watch Inside Out and more. The Friendship Bracelet Blog is authored by the inventor’s granddaughter.

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