My Lanyard Maker

Helps kids create the easiest lanyards ever – weave it to believe it!

Recently, the Choose Friendship Company débuted the new My Lanyard Maker on popular shopping site HSN –with great applause!

112113_ChooseFriendship_04Whether you grew up calling them lanyards, scoubidou, boondoggle or plastic gimp, this all-American arts and crafts favorite makes making them easier than ever. My Lanyard Maker’s innovative loom is designed to create an endless variety of patterns, without tangling laces and confusing knots. Convenient storage keeps colorful supplies neat and clean, too.

112113_ChooseFriendship_01Fun Gift Idea. Popular with the boys as well as the girls, kids can design colorful plastic bracelets, tradable key rings and backpack charms with My Lanyard Maker –great holiday fun!

112113_ChooseFriendship_03The Choose Friendship Company is the brainchild of David Crorey, who’s philosophy is, “Give me an everyday problem and I’ll invent a solution.” He invented the My Friendship Bracelet Maker® for this granddaughters, so they could make friendship bracelets with ease – a patented innovation.

112113_ChooseFriendship_02Now, David has turned a family business into a global sensation, bringing even more innovation to simple crafting techniques with an expanding product line to engage kids in creative self expression, while promoting the message of friendship.

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