Glossy Chick

Be Your Personal Best

Glossy Chick is a children’s clothing brand with a special VIP Chick Club® that is called “an exciting and rewarding lifestyle experience.” Club members enjoy custom events, monthly gifts and prizes, while participating in a unique platform to build friendships, character and confidence. How? Through engaging contests. Members are instantly eligible to earn points and redeem them for the trendiest Glossy Chick merchandise.


Get In on The Fun

Once registered, kids receive a VIP Chick Club Welcome Package full of Glossy Chick swag, including membership tee shirt, charm bracelet, rhinestone jewelry box, rhinestone case card holder, membership card and invitations to castings, shoots and events. In addition, members receive “the Glossiest mail delivered straight to their door,” each month, including a beautiful themed charm with a matching tee shirt and pouch. Members also have access a monthly newsletter and coloring book.


The Glossy Chick collection caters to young fashionistas between the ages of two and 12 with fashion forward pieces, a sporty casual yet trendy look that’s all about comfort. Tees, tops ans dresses, sweaters and hoodies designed in New York, hand-crafted in Peru and made from the very finest authentic Peruvian Pima Cotton. Look for jewelry charms and sequined bags, too.


The Story Behind Glossy Chick

They say it all starts in 2012 …

“Hatched under the bright lights of New York City in Times Square, at the intersection of Broadway and Fashion Avenue, a curiously vibrant chick confidently breaks out of her shell, creating an inspirational platform for young girls everywhere to embrace sisterhood and empower them to be the chick they want to be. Her outfits pave the many runways she walks and her style may differ from day to day, but underneath it all, she is and will always be Glossy!”

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