Skip Clothing

082114_CRTPost_SkipClothing_01Inspired by tropical climes and exotic travel.

Designer and label creator Sharon Hirt has created a fun and breezy collection that appeals to young kids who love colorful, classic clothing and accessories. Skip Clothing is a collection of children’s apparel, hats, scarves, brooches and hair accessories that’s based on classic pieces, created with functionality, comfort and appeal in mind.

082114_CRTPost_SkipClothing_04Designed in Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Australia, Skip Clothing features embroidered details on cool printed cottons and cotton blends, designed in a vibrant color palette for girls ages three to 12.

What I most love to remember, about my childhood, are hot January Melbourne days, dressed in my cool cotton dresses … coming home at dusk, with containers of handpicked, wild blackberries … long drives to the beach to catch the fresh, summer breezes … Drawing inspiration from these memories, I am very excited to present our Collection, with so much more to come!

082114_CRTPost_SkipClothing_03Sharon plans to release a boys collection this month, and is also working on a women’s fashion line called 45hours, inspired by short stays, warm to tropical domestic and international stopovers, business functions and exotic celebratory occasions.082114_CRTPost_SkipClothing_logo

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