The Lillie Pad

011514_TheLilliePad_WinterHatDelightful crochet and handmade treasure.

Owner, maker, designer and curator Amanda Lillie describes her business, The Lillie Pad as, “A great spot for handmade gifts!” And it is just that. Amanda and occasional assistant Julie Feicht offer clothes, afghans, crochet and knit accessories for babies. Amanda also sells patterns, so you can make select styles yourself.

011514_TheLilliePad_CabbagePatchHatFashion and Function. Handmade treasures from The Lillie Pad are not only adorable –take a look at the hat fashioned after a Cabbage Patch doll,  the gorgeous snowflake details on the winter hat or the regal crown for little boys- the hats will keep kids warm. And we know what a wild winter season it has been!

For over ten years, Amanda’s been knitting. But it wasn’t until she learned to crochet from a missionary in Spain that she found her calling. Now, she crochets with crochet hooks that have been passed down for generations –both her grandparents and great-grandparents crocheted:

011514_TheLilliePad_CrownThose crochet hooks are my dearest possessions, connecting me to my past and reminding me to carry on crafts and traditions that are decreasing in popularity in our rapidly expanding age of technology.

-Amanda Lillie

011514_TheLilliePad_logoIn 2011, Amanda started selling her handmade items on Etsy. Even though crochet is her craft of choice, she also likes sewing, knitting and beading. Indeed, The Lillie Pad is a great spot for handmade gifts!

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