PoshHer PrepHim Boutique

Personalized fashion and tween accessories for girls, boys -and moms -handcrafted in Texas.

PoshHer PrepHim Boutique is the fashion passion of designer Shernetta McGhee, a mom of three boys and one girl who inspire her classic, charismatic styles. Shernetta is creating thoughtful designs made from superior quality fabric that are Made in the USA, and manufactured responsibly.

010714_PoshHerPrepHimBoutique_02TieDye with a Twist & Twirl. Bright, stylish and playful is what Shernetta had in mind when she set out to create the perfect after-school-fun-dress for her little girl. By combining color and casual, Pretty’s Mart Tie Dye Dresses are a cute, eye-popping addition to any tween girl’s style. “Classic yet charismatic, the originality of each pattern can easily make these dresses the next ‘must haves’ of tween girls fashion,” Shernetta says. Color kissed and hand dyed with a special technique, each dress is made from a comfortable 100% cotton tank top. Touches of glittery heart outlines and sparkles are added for bling. The attached novelty print skirt completes the look –great for hours of twirling! Dresses are available in sizes 2T-10. “Moms rave about how these witty dresses can be worn with leggings, which makes them hard to grow out of,” she adds. “Very versatile, and functional!” To get a fabulous trendy twist on tie dye classics and posh accessories for girls, visit The Pretty’s Mart at www.poshprepkids.com.

010714_PoshHerPoshHimBoutique_01Classy Meets Cool for Boys. Shernetta’s new line for boys, ForCHOE lets little gentlemen show off their strong muscles -and minds- with designs that promote a positive image and attitude for young males in rough cities. ForCHOE  transforms the plain cotton tank top into “stylish custom, preppy pieces with an urban flair!” Each shirt is embellished with real, one-of-a-kind necktie shoulder straps for a sophisticated, hip look. Wear with jeans, slacks, khakis or shorts, these tanks are versatile, cool and comfortable for boys sizes 2T to 10. View the entire ForCHOE boys gallery coming soon at www.poshprepkids.com.

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