Oil & Water

121913_Oil&Water_04A fresh look at rainwear for girls.

Amy Wismar is the founder/designer of a bright, shiny and new line of rainwear for girls called Oil & Water. “My fun and beautiful daughters inspired this line and continue to inspire me every day,” she says.

It’s just fabulous.

If you like style, originality and great quality, you’ll love Amy’s raincoats, jackets and ponchos designed “for the everyday girl.”

Oil & Water rainwear if made for girls sizes 2-10. All fabrics are shower and windproof, in a fabulous mix of colors and metallics. Each piece is fully line in faux fur or softwash poly. Luxurious!

121913_Oil&Water_01We had hoped to bring a fresh, modern look to children’s rainwear that is classic, beautiful and happy chic! And now, after two years of sketching, designing, sewing and meeting fabulous people in the fashion industry, I think the Oil & Water collection shines, too.

121913_Oil&Water_02Good for Moms. Special for girls. Reinforced snaps, tailored hoods and deep pockets are featured on all styles for everyday comfort,  using the highest quality, washable waterproof and water resistant fabrics.

A little ray of light in an otherwise gloomy rainstorm!

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