KidSwitch Light Switch Extender

111313_KidSwitch_LogoGreg O’Sullivan is president of Just Kids Inc., makers of the KidSwitch Light Switch Extender, a nifty gadget that helps toddlers reach up and turn the lights on or off.

Greg and his wife Wendy started manufacturing and selling what they call a “helping hand tool” 18 years ago as a side business … which has grown into a full-time, family-owned, North Carolina-based small company selling more than 400,000 switches and counting.

KidSwitch attaches easily to a light switch and extends down vertically 12 inches to a toddler’s reach, which gives a child independence and parents a chance to teach their young children a necessary task. It can also instill the concept of “green living” very early on, encouraging kids to save energy.

111313_KidSwitch_productBut I’m getting ahead of myself here – the biggest advantage of KidSwitch is the safe solution it provides to help young children reach up and operate room lights on their own, so parents can rest easy.

Helping Children Reach for the Moon! Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence in 2010, KidSwitch is also honored with the Buzzillions Reviewer’s Choice™ Award for the nation’s best child safety product. “It is amazing to see how far our product has come,” Greg says. “I created KidSwitch after my own daughter fell off a makeshift ‘ladder’ that she had built out of toys in an attempt to reach her light switch. Years later, it is so rewarding to read the many positive reviews from parents who share their own stories about how KidSwitch is helping make their and their children’s lives a little easier.”

Wendy explains that the company name represents members of the family:

J stands for daughter Jordan
U stands for “Us” (we are all in this business together)
S stands for younger daughter Samantha
T stands for Taylor, the O’Sullivan’s inspiration

Just Kids it is – very nice!

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