Little Passports

111213_LittlePassports_packageRaising global citizens right in their own backyards.

Amy Norman says she practically grew up on a 747, traveling back and forth from America to England every three years for her father’s work. So it makes a lot of sense that she would create an educational experience for kids that inspires wanderlust.

Amy is co-founder of Little Passports, a fun way for kids to learn about and enjoy other places and cultures. She and her co-founder Stella Ma dreamed up two engaging characters, Sam and Sofia, who take young aspiring travelers along on their adventures through the United States and to other countries by sharing their experiences with them.

Our products combine the surprise of postal mail with the online games kids love today.

111213_LittlePassports_SamandSophiaWith the subscription-based service, Sam and Sofia send your kids a personalized package in the mail each month that includes an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, stickers, wall-size maps and more. They even get their own passport and a boarding pass to travel the world, with a secret code to access online games and activities at Little Passports’ online Boarding Zone. Everything is designed to encourage kids to take an active interest in their world and other cultures as early as possible – ages five to 12.

111213_LittlePassports_USThis San Francisco-based company is passionate about “helping to raise a generation of citizens who are compassionate about the cultures and people around the world,” donating one percent of sales to non-profits focused on children and issues that affect them.

Amy and Stella are also committed to giving other moms and budding entrepreneurs opportunities to grow businesses with Little Passports. Check them out on the Affiliates and Become an Agent pages.

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