WeeStay No-Slip Clip by Wee Ones

Wee Ones® Spring/Summer 2014 Collection débuts with new technology for hair bows that stay put, no matter what.

101713_WeeOnes_02Popular hair accessories company Wee Ones is introducing the WeeStay No-Slip Clip, in what it is calling “a product improvement and patent-pending innovation that will forever change the game in the hair accessories.”

Breakthrough Solution. How long have you been trying keep hair bows in place? Feels like forever, right? The WeeStay No-Slip Clip is made from a safe, silicone-like material, the next big solution for keeping girls hair bows in place.

101713_WeeOnes_03“With the launch of our WeeStay no-slip technology, a product of more than two years of research and development, our goal was to make the best hair bows in the business even better,” says Miles Faust, CEO of Wee Ones.

The patent-pending no-slip strip is affixed to the inside of the Wee Ones clip, on the back of the hair bow -the biggest product improvement in the company’s history.

101713_WeeOnes_01“For the first time our brand is on the bow,” says Gina Faust, VP Design and Marketing. “Because the no-slip strip features the Wee Ones logo, we can now be recognized for the great quality and design that our customers know and love.”

Ask for it by Name. Just introduced to the children’s retail industry, shoppers could ask for it by the Wee Ones name very soon in a children’s shop near you.

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