News from GoldieBlox

Girls, start your engines. GoldieBlox introduces new toy collections! Pre-order now.

GoldieBlox is an inspired collection of games and toys that introduce girls to the fun of building. The company “employs” the smart, curious Goldie as master storyteller, and she’s become a role model to girls, building their self-confidence is all things engineering. The result? Goldie is mentoring the next generation of girls to be the builders of our future.

With a successful début -from Kickstarter to Toys”R”Us in less than one year- founder Debbie Sterling is ready to reveal Goldie’s next adventures.

110513_GoldieBlox_01“GoldieBlox and the Parade Float” is available now for pre-order on for delivery by December 1 and rolling into Toys”R”Us stores nationwide this holiday season. Goldie introduces her new friend, Ruby Rails, and together they help Katinka the pink dolphin build a float for a special parade –all on their own!

110513_GoldieBlox_02In addition, GoldieBlox fans can dream up even larger projects with the Blox + Bits Expansion Pack, also available for pre-order. These rods and blocks fit both the original “GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine” and “GoldieBlox and The Parade Float” sets.

110513_GoldieBlox_03Online Play Gallery now on! GoldieBlox has recently launched an online “play gallery,” to share stop-motion “how-to” videos starring little girl inventors. GoldieBlox fans can submit their own masterpieces to be featured on and the GoldieBlox YouTube channel

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