082813_Kinderstuff_ownersA pretty revolutionary approach to kids fashion.

Dr. Alexander Reichhuber, Sebastian Schmoeger and Rob Rebholz are the German entrepreneurs behind KinderStuff, ditching their corporate jobs to develop a totally new venture- not only is KinderStuff a young apparel brand, but a brand new way of shopping that makes “hand-me-downing” cool again.

Created in Los Angeles. KinderStuff is what they call the world’s first fashion brand that lets parents send the fashion back, once their kids have outgrown it, free of shipping charges and in exchange for a discount on their next purchase.

All hand-me-downs we receive are donated to charity, because we believe outgrown baby clothes have a higher purpose than just ending up in a box in the attic.

082813_Kinderstuff_onepiece100% Organic Cotton. The clothing is made from the highest quality 100% organic cotton, plus the bodysuits, t-shirts and long sleeves for babies up to two years is super-stylish. KinderStuff teams with  local urban artists on modern designs that celebrate “both the vibrancy of youth and the forward-thinking trends of eco-fashion in Los Angeles.” Plans are underway to add hoodies, pants and hats for kids up to six years.

Made in Germany. These guys are not only committed to social responsibility, but to ecological sustainability, collaborating with industry experts to make the line in the world’s best factories as well as fan-parents, to continually improve upon the products and services they offer.

082813_Kinderstuff_websiteKinderStuff is the realization of a father’s vision, developed through the help of his two friends and the efforts of an amazing team across the globe, created with the hope for a better, more colorful future.

Young Over-Achiever. Just over a year old, KinderStuff has already won prestigious kudos from Natural Child World as the Best Fashion for Kids in 2013 to several Red Tricycle nominations, so they’re on a roll!

Who wouldn’t love that?

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