Surface Inspired

Custom nursery decals sure to delight the kiddies and satisfy a mother’s creative side at the same time.

082713_SurfaceInspired_01I’m a huge fan of wall decals –I have several adorning my own home space. They’re fun to create and so easy to use.

They say that wall decals are the hottest trend in nursery décor today. And it’s easy to see why, with Surface Inspired, a Vancouver, BC-based company that makes modern and sophisticated wall decal designs.

We use removable high quality matte vinyl. Our decals look just like they are painted on your wall.

082713_SurfaceInspired_02The three-year-old company offers adorable and artistic tree wall decals, cherry blossoms and cute animals that can be personalized with baby’s name or made in any color you want.

Easy Installation, Removable, Too! If you don’t love your new Surface Inspired wall decal, return it for a full refund – the company offers a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

082713_SurfaceInspired_03Visit the store at and Facebook page for discount specials. Free samples are available by request. There’s a nifty installation video to watch, too.

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