Launching September 1, MiniJoops is an online boutique that curates a global selection of children’s apparel, toys and accessories from up-and-coming, innovative designers and entrepreneurs.

Malisa Mac Nab is a fashion loving, full-time Mom who lives to style not only herself, but her three beautiful children in the newest, trendiest clothes. She’s launching her first big business- MiniJoops -this Sunday, an idea that grew from her own shopping experiences –and her talent for talking up authentic, stylish finds and internationally-inspired designs through social media.

MiniJoops helps upcoming new brands become known through kids fashion designers worldwide.

082913_MiniJoops_03What Sets MiniJoops Apart. Along with super easy shopping for her customers, Malisa plans the Mini Café, a section at the store that lets fashionista parents share their tips and picks, creating a new virtual style community.

082913_MiniJoops_02“We would love to be well-known worldwide as the place to find unique brands that are upcoming, with a little social kick to it with our Mini Café,” Malisa says. “We want to get big enough to be known on a high level in the fashion industry as a destination for new entrepreneurs trying to unleash their passion for trendy kids fashion, but not too big to take away from my focus of always working on providing the best brands to give to our clients.”

Malisa curates MiniJoops’ inventory herself, choosing brands that she’d dress her own children in, as well as the yet-to-be-known brands in the US –”the ones with the most passion, as it is most likely the owner(s) who are doing a lot of the leg work to make their products perfect.” She loves dressing her kids in the most trendy, contemporary, fashion-forward pieces she can find. “My biggest style inspirations are all the wonderful kids pictures I see on Instagram and in the social world,” she says. launches September 1; check out MiniJoops on Facebook.

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