That Madonna Girl

080713_ThatMadonnaGirl_TMGFlowerHeadbandMade in the USA and over-the-moon popular from New York to London.

From Paris Hilton to Kate Middleton –yes, new mom Kate- the floral crown hair style is the hottest trend hitting runways and must-be-seen events this summer.

And celebrity designer Michelle Madonna has created this phenomenon with her line of accessories, That Madonna GirlTMG for short.

080713_ThatMadonnaGirl_TMGFloppyHatThe charming flower headbands (called “halos” in flower child speak), sunglasses and floppy hats adorned with daisies or roses are all the rage at music festivals and celebrity events. The look is very romantic, free-spirited and appropriate for “flower children” of all ages.

080713_ThatMadonnaGirl_TMGRadBandsMade in the USA. Currently Michelle makes over 20 different styles of halos by hand, in her upper East Side studio in New York. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns and sporting a TMG-beaded trademark, each halo style is inspired by and named for one of her friends.

Michelle plans a more earth-toned halo color story for the fall, and will also introduce a line of bracelets, too.

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