Matilda Jane

A fanciful new collection that could make a girl smile from ear to ear.

080813_MatildaJaneClothing_AugustWallpaperThis August, the folks at Matilda Jane Clothing are introducing a Fall 2013 collection called Paint By Numbers, a vibrantly-colored mix of pieces that are sophisticated, colorful and “a wee bit cheeky.”

I want MJC to showcase the sweetness of the child. I try to keep the silhouettes simple for that reason, it’s not about the fancy embroidery, it is about the darling girl wearing it. I want her to love what she is wearing and be proud of how she looks.

080813_MatildaJaneClothing_01The designer doesn’t considers herself a designer at all, just a person who can make her ideas come to life. ” Inspiration? I am not sure, it just happens,” she says. “I just get an idea and go with it.” She does acknowledge her family and a good group of friends for their unending support of her sometimes risk-taking plans. “After all,” she says, “what is the worst thing that could happen?”

Available in sizes 12m-12 as well as a growing collection of sizes for Moms, Matilda Jane is sold exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows. Find out more about them by visiting the Matilda Jane Clothing website here.


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